Cupid's Pulse Article: Jared SaisCupid's Pulse Article: Jared Sais

Cupid's Pulse Article: Jared SaisHave you ever wondered if someone was flirting with you? Or maybe you’ve struggled with how much PDA to show when you’re in a new relationship. Well, look no further for advice than with our resident nonverbal communication expert and NYC dating coach, Jared Sais. Having received his degree in nonverbal communication with a focus on micro-expressions from the State University of Buffalo, Sais can tell you what your body language says to others. Additionally, Sais educates, mentors and advocates for children. He trained under professionals like Dr. Mark Frank and Dr. Paul Ekman, who were the inspiration behind the Fox TV series Lie to Me. On, Sais gives expert dating advice based on the latest celebrity news and celebrity relationships hitting the newsstands. Non-verbal communication can tell us a lot about a celebrity couple and their romance! For example, what famous couple looks like their headed for this year’s biggest celebrity divorce? Which couples body language shows they’re ready for celebrity babies? Sais teaches classes on the secrets of reading people, helping thousands of people find true love, get ahead at work, improve their poker-playing skills, and identify lies. Gain valuable dating and relationship advice that could lead you down the aisle one day! Click here to find out more.

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