Cupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 5: Finding Love in GermanyCupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 5: Finding Love in Germany

By Jared Sais

Things got intense in this week’s episode of The Bachelorette! Get the skinny on what was really going on in the minds of the bachelors as passions became more apparent and rivalries heated up.

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Chris’ One-on-One Date

There’s no doubt about it: Chris is head over heels for Desiree. Even if you missed him saying that he was falling “slowly but surely” in love, there were plenty of non-verbal signs that he’s into her. His eyes widen when he sees her; his smile stretches from ear to ear; and when his voice lowers into a whisper and his eyes lose focus, you can tell that he’s thinking only of her. Smiling with a wrinkled nose is another indication of playfulness. Other cues of trust and affection to look for include: leaning in close to one another, cuddling, nuzzling against the chest or shoulder, the ability to act goofy and maintaining eye contact.

The Oregon native clearly loves Desiree, and the bubbly brunette is into him too. When she kissed him, she put both of her hands behind his head and – almost forcefully – pulled him towards her. It was very passionate and sexual non-verbal communication. It looks to me like Des might already like Chris more than she ever liked Sean Lowe on last season’s The Bachelor. But is it love? I’m not sure yet.

It’s important to note that she got a bit tipsy during dinner. She tripped; her speech slowed; and her pupils were dilated. It seems like she gets emotional when she’s drunk, and she showed micro-expressions of sadness throughout the date.

Bryden’s Exit

It turns out that my instincts about Bryden were spot on – almost. In my Quote Me Now article, I mentioned that his non-verbal cues suggested that he was trying to distance himself from the bachelorette. While my suspicion that he had a girlfriend back home proved incorrect, Bryden did leave the show. Oh well. Goodbye and good luck, Bryden!

Group Date

Brooks definitely stood out the most on the group date. These two hugged and kissed as if they were magnetically attracted to each other. As they kissed, Des grabbed the arm of his jacket, suggesting that she truly missed him and wanted to be with him again. There were some serious fireworks between them! Though she has definite chemistry with Chris, her reaction to Brooks is much stronger.

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Two-on-One Date

This date with Michael, Ben and Desiree was certainly a spectacle. The two men were battling for the bachelorette the only way that men know how: by trying to prove their dominance. Their attempts backfired though, as their target was clearly uncomfortable. During the date, both men were pinching their lips, and Michael even made a fist at one point, a very strong indication of anger. He was ready to hit Ben (no surprise there – he’s made his feelings about the single dad very apparent). I thought the funniest part of the date, though, was seeing Des drinking to avoid having to speak. The date turned out to be more about the guys than about star of the show.

At one point, the bridal stylist leaned back in her chair to give them space to duel it out. Her body position was very expressive. When people are attracted to someone, their bodies usually tilt towards the individual. Desiree, however, kept her shoulders, body and feet pointed straight ahead and and didn’t lean towards either man, suggesting that she’s not interested in either of them.

Overall, this was a disastrous date. Honestly, it didn’t matter who got the rose at the end of the night – neither of guys will be end up with her heart.

Join me next week to further analyze the non-verbal communication between Desiree and her men as the competition grows more intense and the number of contestants continues to dwindle.

Let me know your thoughts on the men so far and who you think will be Desiree’s future husband!