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Although Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will always be the original Newlyweds reality TV couple, the 2013 premiere of Newlyweds: The First Year on Bravo, exposes the trials and triumphs of everyday couples as they encounter their first year of wedded bliss. On our Newlyweds page, you can keep up Kirk and Laura Knight, a couple from season 2. Kirk will provide viewers with weekly blog posts about his recent marriage to wife Laura and discuss behind-the-scenes details about their unforgettable wedding day, honeymoon, celebrity baby plans, and more. As the series unfolds, you’ll discover what it’s like after the honeymoon is over and the impact that the first year of marriage can have on your own relationship and love life. Unlike other relationship reality TV shows that try to match you up with your soulmate, this show gives you a look at life after that part of the process is done. We can’t wait to watch these newlyweds as they live out their first year of marriage on reality TV!