Cupid's Pulse Article: COME WRITE FOR US!Cupid's Pulse Article: COME WRITE FOR US!

Are you interested in submitting a guest post to

We would love to have you!  We are interested in writers with relevant content who want to establish a relationship with our site or simply build their writing portfolio. Before you send us your work, please be sure to read our guidelines below.

Guest Post Guidelines:

1. Originality: Your post must be unique to If you decide to feature the post on your personal or company blog/website after it publishes on our site, you must link back to the original post on We also ask that you promote your post via social media and we will do the same.

2. Topics: Your post can be written on any topic: sports, food, money, or shopping – as long as it focuses on dating, relationships, love, marriage, divorce or being single, you’re doing just fine. Take a look at our Guest Post section for examples. Please note: we cannot accept posts that are not relevant to the theme of our site.  With that said, most topics do have a love angle; it just takes a little creativity.

3. Type of Post: We love service-oriented pieces.  Why?  Because they work.  A service piece offers quick hit tips and advice to visitors.  Examples are: 10 Relationship Myths or Four Changes You MUST Make to Avoid Falling Prey to the Unavailable Man.  Use experiences and anecdotes to make the post more personal and be sure to offer practical advice that the everyday person can use.

4. Celebrity Integration:  Tie in a celebrity angle. For example, if you are writing a post about Is Your Wardrobe Preventing You From Meeting a Partner?, you can site examples of well dressed celebs, such as Kate Middleton and Blake Lively to emphasize your main idea.

5. Format and Style: Please format the post in a style that is easy to read.  Doing so will increase your chance of it being viewed by others.  It’s good practice to use subheads, bolding and numbering.

6. Proof Read: The post should be free from typos, wordiness, and repetitive language.  We ask that you have a professional editor or a strong writer review your work before it is submitted to us. The post should be free from excessive exclamation marks and include a catchy, clickable headline (we can help you with this).

7. Word Count: Submissions should be between 400-500 words max.

8. No Promotional Copy: Under no circumstances should your post be written as promotional copy.  It should be editorial (not advertising/advertorial) in nature. For advertising opportunities you can contact us via our contact form.

9. Linking: Linking to another site or page is at the sole discretion of the editorial team. Links are more commonly granted to guest post writers with an author page, personal website, or Twitter and Facebook profiles.

10. Editing: The team has the liberty to edit your content to fit our site’s structure and style. However, we will always do our best to maintain your voice and stay true to your original piece.

11. Promotion: Contributors must agree to share the published post on social media and also link to the original article on their site. If you click the Link to this article at the end of each post, you’ll see a href code that makes it easy to share the piece on another site.

After you have followed the guidelines above, please send your submission via our contact form.  Please include “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.  Happy Writing!