Cupid's Pulse Article: Suzanne Oshima and Robert ManniSuzanne Oshima and Robert Manni have multiple years of dating and relationship advice experience between them. With their collective background as a matchmaker and a dating coach respectively, they came together on our site to answer our visitors questions about dating and technology in a Q&A column that makes it easy for everyone to understand. They help singles and couples know when it’s appropriate to change a relationship status on Facebook, how to stop publicly fighting on Twitter, whether you should be friends with your ex, and if you should let your significant other look through your phone. Dating advice from these relationship experts can change your life.

For background, Oshima is a matchmaker at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette and the founder of Single in Stilettos. Manni is the president of a marketing consultancy in NYC and is a regular contributor to publications such as The Huffington Post. You can keep up with him on his website, Facebook, and Twitter. With the help of these two experts, you can get your relationship back on track!

The panel previously included Tristan Coopersmith and Paige Wyatt. Coopersmith serves as a Love Stylist, guiding her clients towards happy, healthy, sustainable relationships through fun, non-traditional methods that work while Wyatt is a reality TV star best known for American Guns. She is the go-to-girl when her friends are in a relationship dilemma.