Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: My Partner Fishes For Likes, What Do I Do?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: My Partner Fishes For Likes, What Do I Do?

Question from Carolyn S.: I’ve been with my partner for a long time now. I love him, but he’s always posting inappropriate stuff (like memes or outrageous status updates) on social media for likes. It’s pretty cringe-worthy to watch. Why does he do this? And why is my support not enough? I can’t figure out why he needs validation from his peers or strangers online.

Dating in the era of social media can put a strain on relationships, especially when one party is constantly seeking approval in a negative way. However do not fret, crude internet personas should not be the cause of your breakup (or at least hopefully)! Leave it up to our relationship experts who can offer their best dating advice on using technology the right way. Learn valuable dating tips from Cupid’s very own, matchmaker Suzanne Oshima and relationship expert Robert Manni. Here they’ll answer your questions on how to handle a partner’s inappropriate behavior online.

Technology Dating Advice That Will Help You Deal An Inappropriate Partner Online

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: Remember back in high school, how everyone wanted to be the most popular person in school? The one that everyone liked? Well, this is no different. Your partner continually posting on social media is just to get likes and attention from others. While you may think it’s inappropriate, I’m going to guess that this isn’t something that he was doing before you became a couple. So, as long as it’s not harming you or anyone else, don’t try to change him. Just let it go and focus on more important things in the relationship.

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Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: As long as he is only fishing for likes and not other fish, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about this fairly common social media behavior. Maybe he feels like he needs validation, and for whatever reason maybe he feels he’s not getting the validation he needs at home. A heart to heart conversation usually clarifies underlying relationship issues. Have “the talk” and make sure he shows up with an open mind. Good luck.

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