Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: How to Win a First Date After Meeting OnlineCupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: How to Win a First Date After Meeting Online

Question from Andrew L: It’s easy to look good online. There’s photo editing and time to plan what to say. When you finally meet someone in person after connecting online, there’s only one chance to impress. How can I make sure a first date is a win?

You have a match on your favorite dating app and the conversations online are taking off. You’re up for hours talking to your match and find that you’re both interested in each other. But how can you be sure to impress on a first date when you’ve already gotten to know each other? How do you make a successful transition from online to in person dating? Read dating advice from our relationship experts Suzanne Oshima and Robert Manni!

Dating Advice to Help You Successfully Transition from Online Conversations to a Killer First Date!

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: Online dating can seem like a major convenience for people that are too busy to get out there and meet people, but technology can be a setback when it comes to actually meeting someone face to face. In order to win that first date after meeting online, it’s important to be the best version of yourself— both inside and out. When you’re able to achieve that level of confidence and self-love, that’s when the right man will ask you out.

Having high self-esteem, knowing your self-worth, and understanding exactly what you have to offer a man is key. If you believe it, then he will see it, too. You’ll be on your way to that first date in no time! And if he can’t see that an amazing woman is right in front of him, then he’s probably the wrong man for you!

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Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: There are so many dating apps and websites that today’s singles often overanalyze things after making an online connection, sadly never scoring an actual date. When I was single and dating online frequently, I became comfortable approaching women online and responding to the ladies who contacted me first.

If I felt attracted to how a woman presented herself online, I’d send a short note and ask an open-ended question about her profile. If she responded, I’d send my digits. If the woman was still interested, she’d invariably send me her number and I’d make sure to call her by the next day. I’d keep the conversation short and, if things felt right, I’d suggest meeting. This usually led to a first “date” over a beverage. After that first face-to-face meet up things either moved forward or went nowhere. It was that simple.

So, if you see someone you like online, be cool, but make your move. Don’t overanalyze. Trust your gut, but keep an open mind.There are a lot of cool people out there just like you. Remember, dating is a fun sport. Good luck.

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