Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Can You Fall In Love Just By Chatting Online?Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Can You Fall In Love Just By Chatting Online?

Dating sites have become very popular among people today. In fact, online dating is now the second most common way for American couples to meet! From the onset, there were only a few dating sites available for users, but now there are very popular and specific dating sites that target the needs and interests of individuals. One such example is interracial dating in the United States, which has flourished to the point where there are now so many interracial sites available. However, there are still many skeptics when it comes to opinions about finding love through chatting online. The ongoing debate over whether you can legitimately fall in love online is a ongoing one, and there are many opinions on the matter. Some will argue that you never really fall in love until you have seen someone or have engaged in physical contact. Others will say that falling in love is possible even if you have not met that person in the real life.

Our definition of love and relationships has changed, and it is entirely possible to fall in love online. Check out our relationship advice:

To determine if you are in love, you must have a real understanding of what love means to you. Love has taken a new form in the digital age. In the past, traditional courtship relied heavily on face-to-face communication and physical presence. Nowadays, meeting someone and having a relationship is more available to us through the online world. Meeting someone has become increasingly easier through the internet. For some, meeting in real life comes very easy and for others, it has always been a difficult task. In the online world, there are more opportunities created through online chatting. However, it is up to you to define what falling in love mean to you. Are you comfortable in divulging your emotions to someone you have never met? Does it matter if you have not seen the person face to face, even if you have a strong virtual connection?

Online applications facilitate connection

Attraction is not only based on physical attraction. It can occur when we share common ideas, perspectives, values and even opinions. If you meet someone online with these commonalities, you can very easily feel attracted to them. This connectedness is a baseline for any relationship, not just a romantic one. It doesn’t necessarily demand a face to face meet, p as this can be facilitated easily through online communication. Social media and dating apps help determine if you have a connection or not because the ability to communicate with others is readily available

There is positive association between internet technology and romance.

A study by Rosenfeld in 2017 concluded that there is a positive correlation between internet technology and romantic relationships. Furthermore, the same study found out that heterosexual couples who met online made a quicker transition to marriage than couples who met offline. This study is also supportive of other findings which state that the percentage of couples who have met online and married in real life are still increasing. Despite being faced with a multitude of dating candidates online, people have been able to sift through the competitive environment and marry the love of their life. This study supports the assertion that yes, it is possible to fall in love online. Technology has made dating tremendously easy, but at the end of the day, it is still up to the individual to make decisions and take the next step forward when it comes to online dating

Even if the other person is not real, the feelings are still real.

Some people claim that a relationship is not legitimate until you have met that person in real life. Being duped online is common and it is one of the hazards of online dating. This is known as “catfishing” and is a common fraud when people create a false online identity to lure others into communicating. This is very tricky since the victim is honest and true, yet the other partner is not who they appear to be. Deception is common in online dating apps.

A study by Toma (et al in 2008) finds put that deception patterns are common. Participants in the study strategically balanced the deceptive opportunities presented by online self-presentation (e.g., the editability of profiles) with the social constraints of establishing romantic relationships (e.g., the anticipation of future interaction). This study also found that 81% of online daters admitted lying about their weight, height or age. This appears to support the claim that meeting up in real life is an important step in cementing the relationship. However, if you are duped you shouldn’t give up on online dating. Your feelings were certainly real, and many people have fallen in love and even have gotten married because of online dating.

Falling in love must be approached positively

Whether you fall in love offline or while chatting online, you must approach love optimistically. Even in real life, you can still be hurt by lies and deception. Just remain positive about finding your true love online. If you and your partner are truly connected, have formed a strong bond and share the same passions and interests, then you might just end up being together in real life.