Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: Should You Delete Pictures of a Long-Term BF?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating & Technology Q&A: Should You Delete Pictures of a Long-Term BF?

Question from Mara S.: My ex and I broke up after having a long-term relationship. Should I take pictures of us down from social media now that I’m seeing someone new or should the new guy in my life understand that my ex and I had a long history together?

Technology makes it so easy to share with the world the things that matter to you. It’s normal to post memories that you want to hold onto, but beware of what message your social media is sending. When you are interested in someone, you devour everything online about them in hopes of learning something new. That’s true for someone interested in you. What do you want someone to learn about you from your photos online? Read below for dating advice from relationship experts!

Technology Dating Advice that Helps You Know When to Delete Pics of Your Ex

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: While you and your ex had a long history together, it’s time to take the pictures down and move on with your new guy. There’s a great quote by T.D. Jakes that best sums it up, “You can’t drive forward looking in the rearview mirror.”

Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: My answer is a resounding yes. When it’s time to move forward, take down all photos from social media of you with your ex. If you want a new beginning, especially with someone new, you need to send him the right signals about your availability. The past has merit. We live, we love, and we learn, but there must be a reason your former boyfriend is now your ex. If you’re having a hard time deleting photos of him off social media, perhaps you are not quite ready to move on. If you truly want a new beginning, then start fresh on social media and give your new suitors the opportunity to see who you are right now. If things work out, they could be the luck one in your pictures. Good luck!

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