Cupid's Pulse Article: Ask The Guy’s Guy: What Do I Do If I Have Trouble Opening Up To My Significant OtherCupid's Pulse Article: Ask The Guy’s Guy: What Do I Do If I Have Trouble Opening Up To My Significant Other

By Robert Manni

Question from Rachel A, Riverhead, NY: “I have trouble opening up to my significant other. I don’t know why I have trouble telling him how I actually feel! How do I fix that?”

It’s time to open up to your significant other!

This is an interesting question, Rachel, as more women than you’d expect are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, for both men and women, failure to share their feelings over time often results with the relationship ending. Some women I’ve spoken with are often reticent to instigate a conversation with their man when they have something important to share about their feelings. Often they dance around the subject or hold off on telling their partner exactly how they feel. Over time this can breed resentment in her if she believes her partner does not know how she feels. If not handled\properly, it gets worse and can become a deal breaker. 
Sadly, although men need to do a much better job of focusing on their partner’s feelings, they do not mind readers. Guys are fairly simple when it comes to dealing with what’s on their mind in a relationship. If they say nothing, it usually means that in their mind, everything is fine. When they have a problem, they often bring it up with their partner. Guys usually decide their next move based on how the discussion goes and their partner’s response. There is not a lot of subtext in how they communicate. That’s why it is important for women to open up to their guys, make sure they hear them loud and clear and are willing to also share their “feelings”. I use quotes around “feelings” because we know guys often shut down when they think they’re being herded into “the talk”. Yes, more quotation marks.
My advice is to be sincere and use the direct approach. Tell your guy what’s on your mind and in your heart. Find a time to do this when he is relaxed and open-minded. And I don’t mean after sex. Take a walk after dinner, go to the park or the beach, or maybe to an outdoor cafe you both enjoy. Use your intuition to determine when the timing feels right to start the conversation and try to keep it light. I know this sounds like a lot of rules for expressing your feelings, but guys are not great at paying attention to their partners and often need to be informed how she feels in a direct, but loving way. 
Not knowing the details of your situation, I suggest that once you’ve gotten him to pay attention and listen, determine in your heart if he is totally present and respectful of your feelings. If not, maybe give him a second chance at another time. Over time though, if you feel like he is not listening and being responsive and it’s too difficult getting on his radar, it might be time to seek bluer skies elsewhere.
Hope this helps, Good luck!  

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Ask The Guy’s Guy: What Do I Do If I Have Trouble Opening Up To My Significant Other

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