Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Your Wardrobe Preventing You From Meeting a Partner?Cupid's Pulse Article: Is Your Wardrobe Preventing You From Meeting a Partner?

By Ashley Martini

It probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we’re seeking love. Usually, we’re wondering where we should be hanging out and where all the single people are. We shouldn’t care what other people think; right?

Wrong…because it may be preventing us from meeting our potential significant other. Clothing is a way to show off our personalities; however, we don’t want to come off misconstrued.

Nowadays, perception is reality, and quite often, books are judged by their covers. Clothing plays a huge role in our lives and is the armor we put on every morning before we head out into the world. We don’t want our clothing to potentially mislead someone from coming our way. We can all be intimidating or maybe not so fashion savvy. Keeping what we wear in mind and being open-minded may help us meet the right someone. Of course, always keep setting and dress code in mind.

Ladies and gents, not to worry! I’ve provided a few basic tips will keep you in the safe zone. Once you meet him/her…you’re on your own! Till then, let these tips guide you to your next relationship!

1. Grooming. Grooming is essential: Clean hair, a good scent, freshly washed clothing, and a manicure will keep you looking fresh! This is such an easy way to complete your look and one of the most important!

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2. Over dress rather than under dress: This will seek positive attention and a bit of a mystery in a more casual environment. Looking sharp all the time is the way to go.

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3. Statement pieces: Let your statement piece show off your personality. Let it be something special. Ladies, maybe it’s a studded clutch or jeweled necklace. Gentlemen, maybe it’s your watch or a great pair of aviators. This is a great way to show who you are without having to have a conversation.

4. Identify your body type and go through your closet to see what’s most flattering on you: See what colors work best for you. When you look great, you feel great, and in return, do great things. Don’t worry about current trends, worry about what makes you look amazing.

5. Last but not least, smile: This is most likely your best asset. Happiness and positivity will put you in the right direction and will attract other people in great spirits.

A few small tweaks and you’re on your way to meeting “the one.” Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding!

Ashley Martini, styling consultant and founding member of Martini Fashions, LLC, discreetly assists both men and women in unearthing and exhibiting their inner beauty through style, fashion, and the top trends. Ashley is the author of the new book on style, “Styletini: Shake Up Your Style, Stir Up Your Confidence”.