Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Newlyweds’ Reality TV Stars Laura and Kirk Knight Dish Out Their Big Pregnancy NewsCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Newlyweds’ Reality TV Stars Laura and Kirk Knight Dish Out Their Big Pregnancy News

By Kirk and Laura Knight

Kirk: Since Laura and I made the big decision to have a baby, we have been working hard at being healthy, including clean eating and workouts at the gym. Laura’s workout regimen is frequent and very advanced. It’s going to take everything I’ve got to keep up with her pace! Her motivation and drive encourages me to stay focused and incorporate some sort of physical activity every day.

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Laura: I understand that healthy living can lead to a healthy pregnancy — I’m trying my best to keep Kirk motivated at the gym in hopes that this will help us on our path while trying to conceive. Plus, when your body feels good, sex is more fun!

K: In preparation to get pregnant, Laura stopped taking birth control pills. Within a few weeks, my super sperm did not disappoint, and Laura surprised me with a positive pregnancy test. Although my confidence was extremely high, I did not expect her to get pregnant this quickly — my boys can swim!!! We were so excited for this to have happened and couldn’t wait to share this big news about our relationship and love with our family and friends. Everyone was thrilled for us.

L: One day, I was feeling unusually queasy, so I took a pregnancy test, and to my surprise, I was indeed pregnant! I wanted to tell Kirk the happy news in a sweet and clever way but couldn’t come up with anything. He was in the living room, and there was no way that I could wait a day to put something together. I grabbed our video camera and called him into the bathroom, so I could capture his reaction — it was priceless! I was feeling two strong emotions at this point: First, it was complete and utter joy. And second, I only have nine months to learn everything I can about pregnancy and motherhood. So we went to the bookstore, and I bought the five best books I could find and began my research.

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K & L: We were on cloud nine — feeling very happy and in a great place. We had decided to have a child, and we were blessed with a pregnancy. For the moment, everything seemed to be perfect. The morning of the sonogram, we were excited to see the heart beat and first images of our little bundle of joy. As the sonogram began, our excitement immediately turned into fear as the tech could only see the pregnancy sack and not the embryo. We were emotionally panicked and felt like our happiness and joy was instantly deflated — only left with fear and anxiety, wondering what this meant. What we discover puts us on an emotional roller coaster. Watch our reality TV show tonight and find out what happens and how we deal with it…

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