Cupid's Pulse Article: Kirk and Laura Knight Prepare For Tonight’s Premiere of Bravo’s Reality TV Show ‘Newlyweds’Cupid's Pulse Article: Kirk and Laura Knight Prepare For Tonight’s Premiere of Bravo’s Reality TV Show ‘Newlyweds’

By Kirk Knight

Laura and I started our relationship and love just outside of Washington, DC on a true blind date. Normally, neither one of us would entertain the idea of a real blind date — especially without even a social media drive by. Armed with nothing more than each other’s names, we set up a date for afternoon coffee in Bethesda, Maryland. I remember waiting in front of the coffee shop, looking at each woman that walked by worried that a “blind date” may be a really bad idea and a waste of time. Just then, I saw this absolutely beautiful woman walk up to the coffee shop.

The Beginning Of A Relationship and Love

It was Laura, and she made a visual impression that lasts to this day. After sitting down, we started talking about everything. Two and a half hours later, she not only had my attention but my heart. I would say it was love at first sight, but I feel that cheapens what it was. It wasn’t just the sight of her; it was our conversation, her warmth, her heart. She is what I could only describe as the feeling of “coming home.”

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I grew up in the DC area, and Laura is from Florida (two completely different cultures). I have two teenage sons and a large and very close family. We quickly learned how much we have in common, how our interests are so similar, and how much we both value family. Six months prior to meeting me, Laura had lost her brother to a drug overdose in an addiction battle that lasted years. She was devastated, but I felt like it brought us closer. It allowed us to share very intimate feelings with one another and bond in ways most people may not get a glimpse of so early in a relationship and love.

Laura was new to the area and mostly stayed busy with her insurance brokerage business, Silver State Law Pro. We both had a lot going on and spent the next few years getting to know each other, traveling, and having the best time of our lives. I knew I wanted to marry Laura from early on, but I really wanted to build on a strong foundation for our love. After three and a half years, I proposed to Laura, and we got married on November 15, 2013 (with a beautiful ceremony, if I do say so myself).

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Being on the Reality TV Show Newlyweds

As a married couple, we have been busy merging our lives and trying to juggle 100 things at any given time. I own Knight Investments, a commercial real estate consulting company, and the start-up Internet and mobile app company, which allows people to argue about any topic or headline and have the public vote on who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s a really fun venture, but it takes a lot of my time. We have such a great relationship, but together, we own three companies and film a reality TV show. Plus, I’m launching my start-up. We are facing some major life decisions: Should we have kids? If so, then when? Should we move out of the city? I’m used to our very free life and wonder how we can handle all of the changes and challenges being a married couple brings…

Watch Kirk and Laura’s story unfold on Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year, premiering on tonight at 10/9c!