Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Exchange Promise RingsCupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Exchange Promise Rings

By Katie Gray

Celebrity love is in the air! Famous couple Twlight star Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA Twigs, the British singer, have exchanged promise rings. According to, “FKA loves Rob because he is the nicest guy she’s ever been with,” an insider explains of the English singer, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett. If this isn’t sweet enough; the promise rings were Pattinson’s idea.  Their rings are to signify that they are committed to their relationship and love.

Robert Pattinson is committed to his relationship and love life with FKA Twigs. What are three ways you can  strengthen your romance like this famous couple did?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s important to keep the spark alive in your relationship and love. There are many steps you can take to strengthen your romance, such as enjoying one another’s company and exchanging promise rings, just like this celebrity couple did. Cupid has some tips:

1. Date night: Many couples have a date night every week, and that is a great thing. It’s a time that you two can enjoy together. Also, when it’s a routine date night, it gives you something to look forward to. It’s good to miss your significant other, as it will make your special time together even better.

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2. Love letters: Love letters are a great way to document how much you love your partner.  It’s not just something for people in long distance relationships, and since we live in the age of technology, this can be extremely touching. When you put it in words and write down just how much you care about someone, it makes it even more special. Plus, they are able to keep a handwritten letter and cherish it forever.

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3. Promise rings: A great way to show your commitment to your partner is by exchanging promise rings. You may not be ready for an engagement or marriage, but you see it coming down the line and want your partner to know you’re committed. This is a great stepping stone, and it reminds you that you’re in a serious relationship that’s moving forward. Plus, who doesn’t love jewelry?!

What are ways you have strengthened your romance? Share your stories below.