Cupid's Pulse Article: Hollywood Couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Pack on PDA on Miami BeachCupid's Pulse Article: Hollywood Couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Pack on PDA on Miami Beach

By Maggie Manfredi

Hot, hot, hot! According to the latest celebrity news in, Hollywood couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are really enjoying their beach time together. The two, in  board shorts and a bikini, shared a single beach chair while lounging and having drinks. FKA responded to being bombarded by the fans in The Guardian, saying, “I look uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable. But then it’s like, is this person in my life worth that? And he is, without question…In comparison to how happy I am. And how I feel with him. It’s 100 percent worth it.” 

How can you show PDA in a classy way like the hottest celebrity couples do?

Cupid’s Advice:

PDA can be excessive at times and inappropriate in certain settings, but there are many ways to show you care for your partner, even when you’re out and about. Here are Cupid’s thoughts on public displays of affection:

1. Hold hands: Follow the lead of many of our favorite Hollywood couples and hold hands as you stroll through the neighborhood. Cupid likes to be reminded now and again that there are happy pairs walking the streets!

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2. Display gifts: So your guy got you that scarf for your birthday? Wear it proudly when he isn’t with you and shoot him a selfie. It is like PDA without the public actually knowing it.

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3. Keep it natural: The hottest celebrity couples never force PDA. Intimacy is an obvious perk of a monogamous relationship, and you should enjoy it, but be yourself, no matter what. Stay true to who you are and make sure your partner is comfortable too.

Are you mourning the loss of Pattinson’s relationship with Kristen Stewart, or are you happy he’s moved on? Share your vote below!