Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton Meet Jay-Z and BeyonceCupid's Pulse Article: Prince William and Kate Middleton Meet Jay-Z and Beyonce

By Whitney Johnson

It looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are enjoying their time stateside so far! On Monday evening, the royal couple attended the Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. According to, Prince William and Kate Middleton “got a standing ovation” when they took their seats during the third quarter, showing just how excited fans are to welcome the pair to New York City. Before the fourth quarter started, the pair met Hollywood royalty when Jay-Z and Beyonce walked across the court to say hello. After the game, they were introduced to players LeBron James and Kevin Garnett, who gave them a tiny jersey for Prince George.

What are three advantages to going on a double date?

Cupid’s Advice:

As much as you need alone time with your partner, it’s fun to break out of your usual routine and spend some time with your couple friends. Here are three reasons why you should plan a double date for this weekend:

1. Try something new: It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of going to the same Italian restaurant before seeing the latest romantic comedy at your local theater. Your friends, though, may motivate you to head to that new Greek cafe and then go bowling instead.

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2. Get some relationship advice: It’s always helpful to chat with your peers about the ups-and-downs of your love life. Maybe you’ve been struggling with how to bring up an issue (like where to spend the holidays) with your beau. Talking to a friend who knows your partner and is in a relationship herself can help you work through things and figure out the best approach to take.

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3. Develop different interests: Keep an open mind, and you may end the night with a new hobby to explore.  For instance, if you’ve been interested in learning how to snow ski and know your friends head to the mountain each weekend, now is the time to ask them whatever questions you may have. Perhaps you can even join them next time. Who knows, the royal couple may be huge fans of “Crazy in Love” after meeting Queen B!

Cupid wants to know: What’s your favorite part of going on a double date?