Cupid's Pulse Article: What Your Halloween Costume Says About YouCupid's Pulse Article: What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

By Jared Sais

Halloween: To some, it’s a day of fear and horror; to others, it’s a day to trick or treat; and to even more, it’s a day to dress up and just have fun. Since this special celebration is upon us next week, I wanted to analyze what your costume choice says about you, so below, I looked at eight popular outfits. Proceed with caution; after all, sometimes, the truth is the scariest part.

1. Black cat (or other animals): It’s no secret that you’re playful and fun to be around. You’re also the alpha in your group of friends and can be a bit controlling, though it’s only because you know what you like and what works best for you. You can be reserved and tough on the outside, but you’re very vulnerable, caring, and sweet on the inside. You’re intuitive by nature and pick up on the vibes of other people — it’s like your sixth sense. Finally, you’re passionate and tend to see the world as me versus them.

When it comes to love, you need someone who is just as playful as you. You want a boyfriend or girlfriend who has a sense of humor but can be serious when necessary, someone who can take control. For you, the chase is just as fun as being in a relationship.

Your best costume matches include: a police officer, firefighter, hero, or royalty.

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2. Royalty, including an evil queen: You know your worth when it comes to love and friendship. You’re good at keeping yourself organized, and you’re very charming. Even though you’re always willing to help others, people tend to want to help you just as much. You’re gentle and elegant. Plus, you have a wonderful sense of style. You have many admirers — not only in love but also at the workplace. You also strive for greatness, and your effort is usually unmatched.

You need a man that not only treats you like a princess but also keeps you grounded (because, let’s face it, sometimes, your ego can get out of control). The only way for you to really be happy is to be spoiled every day, which isn’t a bad thing. You also need someone who matches your high intellect level and someone who can take control when you don’t want to. You walk the walk and talk the talk, and your partner needs to fit the role just as much as you do.

Your best costume matches include: royalty, a hero, or a black cat.

3. Police officer and firefighter: You have a fire in your eyes. You’re strong, caring and sometimes overconfident. You’re extremely protective of your friends and family, and you won’t let anything happen to them. Sometimes, you even put your loved ones before yourself. You’re demanding of others but can phrase your thoughts and words in a strategic manner to make sure you don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. You’re also sensual and have high moral standards.

For you, it’s important that your partner is just as passionate as you. Things can get hot and steamy when you find the right person. Sometimes, though, too much of this passion can backfire, and arguments can form.

Your best costume matches include: a police officer, firefighter, someone in the military, a vampire, a hero, or any other costume that represents power and authority.

4. Native American or Eskimo: You’re sensitive, caring, and calm. When you truly want something, you go after it, working day in and out to reach your goal. You’re very selective of who’s in your life, and the people within your circle are more like family than friends. You can sometimes be too controlling of yourself and your emotions, but you’re very in touch with your sensitive side.

Your perfect relationship is with someone you can count on and respect, someone you know will remain loyal to you. Your love needs to be in touch with himself and his feelings. Because of your personality, you have the chance to have one of the most meaningful and passionate relationships out there.

Your best costume matches include: a 60’s flower child, DIY outfit, or a vampire.

5. Burlesque dancer, Geisha or vampire: Sexy is your middle name! You’re very aware of your own body and know what looks good on you. Plus, you’re confident, ambitious, and passionate. You encourage others to follow your lead, and men are constantly noticing you. You’re more dominant then most people, and you want a partner who will take care of you for a change. Still, you’re a planner: You’re the one who usually takes action or makes plans for your friends.

Passionate, sensual, and sincere — these are the three main characteristics you want in a lover. You have a strong understanding of who you are; what matters to you is finding a partner in crime. It’s okay if they don’t know exactly what they want, just as long as they’re willing to figure it out. You like someone who can be dominant one day and give you power the next day. It’s also important that your significant other is powerful and sexual.

Your best costume matches include: a vampire or hero costume.

6. 60’s flower child: The Woodstock generation paved the way for one of the most iconic times in American history. Though we live in 2013, it seems like the 60’s never go out of style. The music still echoes throughout the bars, clubs, and malls, and on this holiday, the costume of choice for many folks is hippy gear. Your parents may have been hippies and taught you an appreciation of the culture. You’re laid back, and people like to be with you because of your relaxing vibe. You’re a free spirit who loves the thrill of life. You have spunk and don’t always play by the rules. You know life is fun, and there is no better day than Halloween to live it up!

Your best match is sensitive, caring, and sweet. You need someone you can bring home to your family but who is still dangerous and thrilling. You want a partner who enjoys life and doesn’t always follow the rules. Your significant other is your best friend, and you’re okay with spending most of your time with this person. Most importantly, they need to be open to new adventures.

Your best costume matches include: a Native American, Eskimo, 60’s flower child, or hippy, as there should be humbleness and earth colors in the outfit.

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7. Hero: Whether you’re Wonder Woman, Mario or Zelda, if you’re portraying a hero, your personality is one of strong character. You’re the first to take action; you’re an outgoing leader, and you never shy away from expressing your feelings. You believe that love conquers all, that good always prevails over evil, and happy endings do come true.

You need a hopeless romantic or a daydreamer who embraces the magic of life just like you. You want to take over the world, and though you don’t need a partner to do it, it’s much better with someone by your side. Your significant other should be your rock, someone you can rely on when life gets tough.

Your best costume matches include: anything that relates to fantasy and heroics, like another hero, royalty, black cat, or vampire.

8. DIY: Do-it-yourself costumes can come in all prices — from a quick trip to the dollar store to a full-on makeover. I’ve seen a girl become a very sexy Sriracha hot sauce by wearing a red shirt with a Rooster taped on it and rolling up a green piece of paper into a cone shape and placing it on her head. If you’re a DIY guy or gal, you like to take things into your own hands. You’re extremely crafty and don’t mind taking the time to put your skills the test. You have a fun personality and want people to respect the work you put into making your creativity come to life.

Your creative ability is priceless, and your perfect match is someone who has his own creative spark but can also be your muse. You need someone who lets your dreams take form; instead of bringing you back to reality, they help you soar higher than the birds. Most important, they inspire you.

Your best costume matches include: a DIY costume like you or someone dressed as a hero, vampire, hippy, or Native American.

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