Cupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 7: Confession in MadeiraCupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 7: Confession in Madeira

By Jared Sais

As the ninth season edges closer to its finale, Desiree opens up about her true feelings. Read on to find out who I think will ultimately win her heart…

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One-on-One Date with Brooks

Desiree and Brooks certainly have a lot to talk about! They tend to get so engrossed in conversation with each other that they block out the rest of the world – a significant sign of compatibility. Their non-verbal communication is equally telling. Their body language mirrored each other as they chatted, something found in couples who are truly in love. Furthermore, when Desiree discussed her feelings for Brooks, she nodded to confirm what she was saying. If she had been lying, she would have shaken her head “no” when she said that she was “at the finish line.”

They are a perfect couple, and it’s clear that Brooks is going to be the winner. The best indication of that is the contrast between her interaction with Brooks and her interaction with the others guys. When she’s with Brooks, her smiles last longer, and her eyes widen more. Plus, she goes in for kisses more frequently.

One-on-One Date with Chris

It looks like Chris is going to be the runner-up. The bachelorette definitely cares about the Oregon native. She was truly touched by his poetry and is attracted to his blatant masculinity. They have some chemistry, but there’s still something missing. Desiree doesn’t latch onto Chris the way she does to Brooks. She kisses Chris the way one would kiss a best friend rather than a lover. It’s no secret that Chris is more interested in the brunette than she is in him. If Brooks weren’t on the show, though, I think Chris would be the winner.

On a scale of one to ten (one being friendship, ten being love), Brooks comes in at nine, and Chris ranks at seven. Brooks is in the lead, but the score is extremely close. Things could change drastically when Des meets their families next week.

Two-on-One Date with Drew and Zak

I thought from the beginning of this date that whoever wins the go-kart race will get a rose – either on the date or at the rose ceremony. Desiree isn’t likely to decide who stays and who goes based on looks but by personal connection. Drew lacks confidence and kept looking downward during their time together. There is something about him that I find very off-putting. Based on the beauty’s unenthusiastic reaction, I doubt that either of them will come close to beating the front runners.

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My order remains: Brooks, Chris, Zak and Drew. These last two could easily be switched, but I listed Drew last because I feel that his intangible “off” quality will impact Desiree’s decision.

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