Cupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Are Like High School Kids In LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Are Like High School Kids In Love

By Jared Sais

Celebrity couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have been all the rage since they started dating last summer. Both seem to be the latest sex symbols that men and women alike gawk over. Vergara continues to steal the spotlight in Modern Family, while Manganiello went shirtless nine out of ten times in True Blood. It would seem this celebrity romance is meant to be. But does their body language agree? I share my expert love advice about the newly-engaged pair below.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Are Like High School Kids In Love
Photo courtesy of Sofia Vergara’s Instagram.

The Body Language of Celebrity Couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

In the photo above, we see the happy couple hugging and cheek to cheek. Maybe it’s their play on the classic song “Cheek to Cheek,” written by Irving Berlin. It is also possible that these two are so in love that both just couldn’t stand for any distance between them when taking such a heartfelt picture. I think Berlin sang it perfectly: “I seem to find the happiness I seek when we’re out together, dancing cheek to cheek.”

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If you’ve read my expert love advice before, it’s very likely you know the importance of mirroring. The non-verbal cue of mirroring is one of the tell-tale signs of attraction and interest. Mirroring is simple: Copying your partner’s body language or imitating their actions and/or their tone and pitch. We do this to show we have things in common or to build a liking. We tend to like others that act like ourselves and even look like ourselves. Vergara and Manganiello are doing the same pose as one another, almost as if they were directed to do this by some high school prom photographer.

Hands are one of the most used tools in non-verbal body language. If we focus just on their hands, we can get an idea of how they feel at this given time. His hands lie flat and tight on her lower back or upper butt. This is an attraction point and lets others know you are interested in them. If someone put their hand there on you, how would you feel and react? Let’s say the same person put their hand on you upper back near your shoulders. Do you get the same vibe, feeling, or sensation? I bet you don’t. Additionally, flat hands are a sign of trust and commitment.

Now, let’s look at her hand on him. She is touching his mid-back (just a tad on the lower side) with her palm and her fingertips. This is still a loving touch; her palm is flat on his back, reciprocating the same love and trust that he is showing to her.

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A flat palm is not always what I see couples do. In other cases, you may see someone touch with just their fingertips. Touching with the fingertips is usually a non-verbal cue that adds distance and shows less affection.

What Their Smiles Say About This Celebrity Romance

Vergara’s smile is one that shows 80 percent of her emotions. The actress is gleaming from ear to ear. Her eyes are wide in a natural way to show excitement. Her mouth shows true happiness, as her teeth are visible (mouth open). You can also see a dimple form at the end of her mouth, meaning that her cheek is in full “happy” mode and that a real smile has taken place. Her entire face is taking part in the action!

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The actor’s smile is a bit less obvious. He is happy but is mainly smiling from his eyes. He does show some dimples, which is a sign that he’s truly content and showing a real smile as well. This is a genuine photo of them, and they are showing real love.

Finally, there is no space between these two. That’s a good sign. People in love tend to stay very close to each other. When I analyze couples, this is one of the first things I look for: the space between the two. In this photo, there is zero space, so if you’re wondering how they feel about each other, it is easy to see they love each other very much. No space means more love and attraction.

This celebrity romance is just as cute and cheesy as the photo, and to top it off, we can give them the name “SoJo” to put the cherry on top of the cheesecake.

Jared Sais is co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game, where you can find free downloadable content. He is an expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions and lie deception as they relate to life and love.