Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Love Advice: 10 Signs That He’s Just Not That Into YouCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Love Advice: 10 Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

By Jared Sais

The world of dating is hard to maneuver by yourself. If you ever find yourself wondering if your date is going to call you again, follow my expert love advice to figure out if he likes you…or not. Here are 10 signs that he’s just not that into you:

Dating Expert Reveals 10 Ways to Know If He’s Into You Or Not

1. He doesn’t make eye contact: A man will lovingly gaze into a girl’s eyes if he likes her. Heck, a man will awkwardly stare shamelessly at a girl when he likes her! To most men, it’s the only move they have when they flirt. If they aren’t looking at you, it’s the biggest sign that they’re not interested in a relationship and love.

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2. He doesn’t text you back: A man will usually text you after a date to make sure you got home okay. But after that, if you text back and he doesn’t respond, that means he’s not interested. A man who wants to see you again will set the next date up while you’re still on the first date. If the first date ends and there isn’t talk of a second date or he doesn’t follow up with a text, the odds aren’t good that you’ll see him again.

3. He pays attention to his phone during your date: Looking at his phone during a date means one thing: boredom. As a dating expert, I came up with an easy way to remember this rule: more phone equals less interested and less phone equals more interested.

4. He talks about other women: Well, this one is simple: If he’s speaking about or looking at other women, he’s either a creep, or he sees you as more of a friend then a potential partner. You’ll need to get his attention and show him you can be sexy and more than just a pal. Those other women have nothing on you!

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5. He shows a lack of emotion: Simply put, a man who cares for you is interested in you. If you’re sad and there’s a huge lack of empathy, then chances are, he doesn’t even cherish your friendship. My expert love advice is to lose him fast, as he isn’t a good friend or the right fit for you romantically.

6. He makes excuses: “I can’t see you tomorrow.” “I have to wash my hair.” “Oh, I can’t go to that bar with you because I’m busy.” Excuses can be practical at first, but one after the other means one thing: He’s just not that into you. Also, look for excuses that don’t make any sense.

7. He only calls if he needs you or at a late hour: As a relationship expert, I think these two scenarios sound like booty calls. Maybe he’s only interested in a physical relationship with you. That’s when you get the late night calls or dates that always seem to be watching movies at his place.

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8. He shows a fake smile: A fake smile is seen as the polite thing to do, but it means that there’s a lack of happiness and good vibes. If there’s no interest, someone will fake smile, as they’d rather not be rude. By the next day, though, a text message will say that they’re just not feeling it.

9. He doesn’t contact you after a date: It’s the easy way out. Many of us are guilty of not texting or returning messages as a way to ignore the situation completely.

10. He touches you as a friend: Think about how he touches you: Shoulder touches (friend) versus thigh touches (sexual attraction) and upper back (friend) versus lower back (sexual attraction) are two examples. Touching may be seen as good no matter what, but that isn’t so. A touch on the top of your head (which usually symbolizes dominance or that you did a “good job”) doesn’t mean the same thing as a touch on your chest with a flat palm (a non-verbal cue of trust and love).

Jared Sais is the co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game, where you can find free downloadable content. He is a dating expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions, and lie deception as they relate to relationships and love.