Cupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 4: Atlantic CityCupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 4: Atlantic City

By Jared Sais

Now that season 9 of The Bachelorette is well underway, some of the contestants’ true natures are coming out. Furthermore, we’re learning that Des doesn’t necessarily see a future with a guy just because they share one romantic date together. So let’s get started…

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Brad’s One-on-One Date

Desiree emphasized the word “great” when she was describing her day with Brad, saying, “We are having a great time.” This emphasis indicates sincerity – she really did have a blast with him. Think about when you’re describing a delicious meal to someone. You emphasize the adjectives. For example, you might say, “I just had the most amazing sushi. So fresh! You have to try it.” It’s an easy way to decipher someone’s true opinion.

However, just because the bachelorette said that they had a “great time” doesn’t mean that she felt any chemistry. You don’t have to be a body language expert to know that this date wasn’t going well for Brad. Even so, let’s analyze the most common nonverbal indications of discomfort that Desiree and Brad exhibited during dinner:

– Silence and long pauses

– Nervous laughs

– Concentration on food or other objects

– Short conversations and abrupt endings

– Awkward looks with rolled eyes and pinched lips with a forced smile

– Lack of eye contact

It’s no surprise that this single dad didn’t receive a rose at the end of the night.

Group Date

Now on to the Bachelorette Mr. America Pageant! Only one person with actual talent managed to make Des blush, and that was Zak W. with his guitar and sweet lyrics. All of the other men tried their best but ended up treating the talent competition as more of a joke. Though Zak didn’t win the competition with his song, his performance was the one that stood out the most to me. I always say that, in the dating world, it’s important to stand out by taking a creative approach. If you play the game the same as everyone else, you’ll blend in. If you’re brave enough to express your individuality – like Zak W. was – then you’ll win the heart and mind of that special someone.

Chris also had a successful week, solidifying my confidence that he’ll make it to the top five.

Let’s take a look at Bryden’s body language too. In my Quote Me Now article, I said that he was “not feeling” Desiree. Sure enough, in this week’s episode, Bryden came out and admitted that he wasn’t into the brunette beauty as much as he wanted to be at this point in the show. I think Bryden will leave soon, and I still get the feeling that he isn’t there for the right reasons. There was one non-verbal cue in particular that proves my prediction correct: During the rose ceremony, when Desiree called his name, Bryden showed shame by lowering his head. Even more interesting was when Bryden gave her the “I got you” look, which is given when someone either lies or manipulates another person and gets away with it. In short, he is manipulating Desiree and isn’t who he claims to be. A big warning to Desiree: stay away from Bryden!

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James’ One-on-One Date

James definitely likes our leading lady more than she likes him, but they still had a solid date. I didn’t see any sparks fly when he received the rose, and even though Desiree leaned for the kiss, there was no passion in it for either of them. I don’t see James making it too much longer. He’s a good guy, but he has no real connection with Desiree.

This week’s episode was certainly an eventful one! Here’s my current top five with one slot still open: number one is Brooks, number two is Chris, number three is Zak W. and number four is Drew. What will happen next is a mystery, but I’m already excited to see if my predictions are proven correct when the gang heads to Germany next week.

Let me know your thoughts on what men you like so far and who you think will be Desiree’s future husband!