Cupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Finale: Sean Lowe Proposes to Catherine GiudiciCupid's Pulse Article: The Bachelor 17, Finale: Sean Lowe Proposes to Catherine Giudici

By Jared Sais

Can you believe that this season of The Bachelor is over? Do you think Sean Lowe found his perfect match in Catherine Giudici? Let’s take a look at the body language on last night’s finale and see what it tells us…


Similar to a white lie, white manipulation is when people manipulate for what they deem a good reason. Catherine is guilty of this behavior when she is talking one-on-one with Sean. Although she means what she’s saying (she’s not lying), there are times when she talks for his ears rather than from her heart.

After their one-on-one-date, as they said goodbye, they shared a long, loving hug, and both were wrapped around each other with a strong hold. You can even see Sean’s forearm muscle tighten. Sean’s hand went down to Catherine’s butt, and he taps his hand on her (showing dominance and support) as she whispers, “I love you.” Remember that a whisper is a sign of lust. Then, the couple’s hands go from a tight hug to holding one another as if they were dancing. This is it: Catherine’s the winner. I don’t even need to watch the end of the show. After Catherine won (no surprise), they held each other again in this same way.

Sean breathes a sigh of relief when saying “I am so glad you’re here.” The blonde beefcake truly enjoys and cherishes her company; you can think of him as “at home” with Catherine. Think about when you come home from a long, hard day at work, and you can finally sit down and relax. You take a deep breath of relief; that’s the same feeling Sean has when he’s with her.

One micro-expression that’s important to point out is Sean’s genuine smile when looking at his future fiancée. Plus, his nose wrinkles, which is a strong sign of flirtation. Sean also pulled Catherine closer instead of Catherine pulling him closer, which is different than Sean and Lindsay’s relationship because Lindsay usually reaches towards Sean for affection.

The bachelor and the Seattle native had an incredibly sincere kiss when they parted ways. Sean had a strong grip on her and showed a genuine and long-lasting smile with crow’s feet around his eyes.

Catherine used open palms when speaking about Sean, showing her openness and vulnerability when sharing her feelings. Her voice cracks a bit throughout the show, meaning she’s feeling strong emotions. It’s a non-verbal sign of genuine sadness or a strong emotion of joy (happy tears).

It’s important to note that both ladies showed real tears when talking to Sean’s parents. If you’ve read my articles since the beginning of this season, you already know the difference between real tears and fake tears. If not, check out my past recaps here.

Additionally, there were a lot of things that both ladies said that seemed like they were almost reading a script. They both started talking in a rhythm or a beat when asked personal questions by his family. Criminals or people telling lies usually use this speech pattern to try to cover up their actions or guilt.

Finally, when Catherine is walking to Sean to see if she would get his heart and that final rose, she bit half of her lip as the other half sticks to the side, indicating that she’s nervous and scared. I would be too if I were her!

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I noticed a definite lack of eye contact when she was talking to the bachelor. It could be a culture thing, but it’s most likely nerves; she feels uncomfortable with “emotional talks.”

While there was a lot of sexual tension when Lindsay and Sean were talking about their future, one of Sean’s arms was limp when they were kissing and sending up the lanterns. So he wasn’t feeling the romance as much as usual; I think he already knew that his wishes for love, happiness and family were coming true with Catherine.

Lindsay kept looking at Sean when his parents asked a question, which tells me that she looks to him for approval. It also shows how dominant Sean is in their relationship.

We saw a great example of a non-verbal lie when Lindsay told Sean that she was okay after he didn’t propose to her. At first, she nods her head yes but then shakes it no. This behavior was one of the things that I used throughout the season to identify any lies that Sean or the girls told. Still, Lindsay handled the bachelor’s rejection with a lot of grace.

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Sean & His Family

Let’s take a moment to talk about the bachelor and his skeptical yet supportive family.

First, when Sean said, “I know my family will love Lindsay as well,” he shook his head no, meaning he doesn’t believe what he’s saying.

Both his parents showed crow’s feet (wrinkles near their eyes) that represent true happiness when talking with Catherine.

His family members all shook their heads no when saying positive comments about both women, which tells me that they don’t believe what they’re saying. His mother, father, sister and brother-in-law have more doubt than they share with the bachelor, and they don’t feel like either of these girls is right for him.

It’s easy to see that Sean’s mom is very emotional. When she starts crying, Sean instantly takes care of her, which explains his behavior with many of the contestants this season (always being the protector, giving roses to the girls who cried and shared sad stories). Maybe he had a soft spot for these ladies due to his emotional mother.


As a side note, Lesley M. and the host, Chris Harrison, had some sexual tension! She looked into his eyes as she pushed her hair back over her ears. They also reach out and touch each other on the back and arms. Lesley then bites her lower lip. Definitely some flirting going on!

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with and being the body language expert during this season of The Bachelor. I had an amazing time using non-verbal cues to better understand Sean and the girls each week. I’m so thankful to my readers, and I hope you all have learned some non-verbal tricks during this journey.

Good luck in your search for love!

Jared Sais is co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game, where you can find free downloadable content. He is an expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions and lie deception as they relate to life and love. You can sign up for his individual or group non-verbal classes or his wingman services by e-mailing him at