Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Is He Going to Dump Me? Your Partner’s Body Language Before a Break-UpCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Is He Going to Dump Me? Your Partner’s Body Language Before a Break-Up

By Jared Sais

To understand the non-verbal communication of a break-up, we need to know that our bodies and mind prep us before the split actually takes place. As a relationship expert, I have seen five main non-verbal tools that we use to get ready to end a relationship and love: contempt, distance, arguing, a change in routine, and a lack of empathy or not caring.

Relationship Expert Talks Non-Verbal Cues Before a Break-Up

To follow my expert dating advice, let’s dig deeper into each of these emotional, non-verbal preparation tools:

Contempt: Relationship experts in the field of non-verbal communication believe this facial cue to be one of the most noticeable and reliant cues for a break-up. Contempt can be shown as a unilateral facial expression, usually having the corner of the lip rise from one side of the face. It can also be shown as a rolling of the eye. If your partner starts showing contempt more and more, they are preparing themselves to hate you.

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Distance: Dating experts know that, when we are in love, everything about how we feel and the way we show our emotion is about letting people get close to you. It can be shown in kissing, hugging, cuddling, and more. It has even been stated that our cells bond more closely together when we are in love. When prepping for a break-up, one of the first signs is starting to separate and create physical distance from one another. Many people notice this part the most — the lack of a hug or the shortness of a kiss. Little by little, the distance will grow until not much is even said between you both.

Arguing: There are three main reasons why so many arguments take place before a break-up: to make it easier to leave the person, to find peace of mind, and to convince yourself you are making the right choice. After all, it is easier to leave someone who is angry! An argument can stem from your partner needing to get something off their chest. It helps them with closure, as they probably didn’t say everything they felt during the partnership. In addition to closure, they bring up the unpleasant past to help them decide if they are making the right decision in ending the relationship and love.

Change in routine: The most important way to know something is wrong is sudden changes that occur in the relationship — things like hanging out with new friends without you, getting home much later than usual, or making drastic changes without telling you, like a new hairstyle or a  tattoo. All of these actions usually stem from the need for new things. Plus, they show your partner that new and exciting things can happen without you. It also helps them see the life they could have without you. Sudden changes in routine can be less evident as well, things like not going to sleep together or not eating dinner together as you once did before. All of these are clues that the relationship is changing.

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Lack of empathy or not caring: This sign is distance through emotions. When they no longer care about things that once mattered to you as a couple, it’s a big sign that they may break-up with you soon. The lack of empathy is a way to distance themselves from the relationship and put them in the state of mind to move on, and the lack of caring means that they are fed up with the way things are. For many people, this part hurts the most; it’s the total lack of love and respect that once glued you two together.

Jared Sais is the co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game, where you can find free downloadable content. He is a dating expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions, and lie deception as they relate to relationships and love.