Cupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 6: Drama in BarcelonaCupid's Pulse Article: Bachelorette 9, Episode 6: Drama in Barcelona

By Jared Sais

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette was certainly eventful! James’ off-camera comments cast suspicion on his motivations for being on the show and his true feelings for Desiree, causing emotions to run high and loyalties to be questioned. Here we go…

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Drew’s One-on-One Date

The constant kissing was cute at first, but after a while, it just started getting tedious. That said, there’s a noticeable contrast between the first kiss that Drew and Des shared (at the start of their date) and their kiss when he stole the bachelorette away from dinner. The first one lacked intimacy, while the other one was very passionate. At first, it almost seemed as if Drew was kissing Desiree in order to prove his worth as a contestant, making me think that he doesn’t really like her as much as he wants to let on.

However, I love that he waited to get the rose before talking about James – it was a smart move.

Drama with James

James caused a lot of trouble when he pointed out that if he makes it to the top four, he’ll have a chance to be the next Bachelor. Although he made this comment during a private conversation off-camera and didn’t expect for Casey and Drew to expose his true intentions, there was still some dishonesty and covering up on his part. Ultimately, though, I don’t think that he’s a bad person; I think his words were taken out of context.

Even so, James did exhibit a lot of signs associated with lying when he was explaining to Desiree what he actually said during that controversial conversation. The following non-verbal cues could indicate that he wasn’t being truthful:

– He kept his hands in his pockets, suggesting that he was defensive.
– He took long pauses.
– He was overly argumentative.
– He stood up and behaved like a bully.
– He licked his lips before speaking. When you lie, your mouth gets very dry because lying puts a lot of stress on the body.
– He said, “No, ma’am,” which suggests that he was trying to further the distance between himself and the story he was telling. Hearing James say this phrase to Desiree set off my alarm and hinted that, perhaps, he really did say something detrimental during that private conversation.

To be fair, though, James also exhibited some non-verbal communication that indicated honesty, including:

– Bulges formed on top of his inner eyebrows as he was speaking, which is an indication of true sadness. He was truly contrite about the situation.
– He didn’t use too much eye contact. Often, experienced liars will maintain eye contact in order to see if the person they are speaking to believes them. His steady eye contact suggested that he was truly apologetic.

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Now that I have thoroughly analyzed James’ non-verbal cues, I can say that, regardless of his true feelings for Desiree, he would make an excellent salesman. His last conversation with Desiree was, essentially, a sales pitch to keep himself on the show. He played it perfectly – although I believe that about 85 percent of what he said was a lie. I have to credit him for his perspective: if he doesn’t end up marrying Desiree, he could very well end up as the next bachelor.

On another note, the rest of the guys are trying to pass themselves off as a bunch of goody two-shoes. Their thoughts may only be on Desiree, but that isn’t practical; after all, only one of them will end up winning her heart. They don’t have the same realistic expectations as James, but with that said, just because James is logical doesn’t mean that he’s honest.

Additionally, I think that the guys’ argument that “if you love Desiree,you won’t think about any other girl” is unfair. I agree that if you love someone, you shouldn’t be thinking about anyone else, but I think it’s wrong for these men to be applying their own emotions to James. Maybe he just isn’t in love with the brunette beauty just yet.

Stay tuned for next week’s romantic dates in Madeira!

What do you think about Desiree’s remaining guys? Share your thoughts in the comments below!