Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr.Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr. is an actor and model from Rome, Italy. He first grabbed America’s attention as an underwear model for Calvin Klein and went on to play Jagger Cates on the popular soap opera General Hospital. His most recent projects include DIY expert and reality TV host on Fix It and Finish It and a contestant on season 19 of Dancing With the Stars. On Valentine’s Day, Flip My Food Chef Jeff taught Antonio Sabato Jr. how to cook his wife a Valentine’s Day meal, something covered in an exclusive celebrity interview. Before his current celebrity marriage to Cheryl Moana Marie, he dated Alicia Tully Jensen. He has a son, Jack Antonio, from his famous relationship with actress Virginia Madsen and a daughter, Mina Bree, from his celebrity relationship with Kristin Rossetti. A few years ago, he and Marie welcomed a celebrity baby, son Antonio Sabato III.

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