Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Star Antonio Sabato Jr. on Dancing with His Wife: “It Will Be So Special For Us Both”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Star Antonio Sabato Jr. on Dancing with His Wife: “It Will Be So Special For Us Both”

By Sarah Batcheller

Dancing with the Stars duo Antonio Sabato Jr. and Cheryl Burke have stopped at nothing to climb to the top tier of dancers on this season of the hit ABC show. The former soap opera star attributes their success so far to his partner’s excellent teaching ability. Although they ended up in jeopardy at the start of last week’s show, their performance during week three — a flirty Foxtrot — solidified their status as worthy competition to the other pairs. Meanwhile, Sabato’s DIY show, Fix It and Finish It, has brought the two to Louisville, Kentucky, to rehearse for this week’s sultry Samba. Luckily, in this week’s celebrity interview, we were still able to catch up with the star and get the lowdown on last week’s episode and his hectic schedule! Plus, we asked him about his celebrity marriage to wife Cheryl.

Celebrity Interview with ‘DWTS’ Pro

What was your first thought when you found out you were in jeopardy on last Monday night? Was it harder to focus on the Foxtrot knowing it might be your final dance?

ASJ: No, my mind was actually just focused on the dance, and I didn’t let it affect me. When I get put in that position, I take it as I go in order to be positive for the dance. I concentrate on what’s coming up and don’t worry about anything else.

During training last week, you said the most important thing to you is having fun. So tell us: What’s been the most fun part of this experience so far?

ASJ: Having a trainer like Cheryl teaching me all kinds of new dances and just how to dance. She’s so great at explaining everything to me. I’ve never danced before and never as much as I do now. She’s great at teaching me about different music and different styles of dance.

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We agree with Erin — we thought this was your best dance yet! How did you feel about the judges’ comments and scores?

ASJ: I take the judges’ comments back to the training and use it to motivate me to do better next week. They know what they are doing, and I don’t let it ruin my night. I take it as advice and move on.

Anything you can reveal about this week’s dance? Have you changed anything about your approach during rehearsals?

ASJ: There’s nothing I can say about this week, but be sure to watch! My approach has been to work as hard as I can doing my two jobs at the same time: Fix It and Finish It and DWTS. I only get a limited amount of time to rehearse, which has allowed me to focus. I’m used to getting into the hectic schedule of traveling from Los Angeles to cities like Louisville, where I am now, along with the daily schedule of hours of training.

Antonio Sabato Jr. Opens Up About Celebrity Marriage

In our first interview, you mentioned using your newly acquired dancing skills with your wife Cheryl. Have you practiced any of your moves with her yet?

ASJ: Not yet, because I haven’t been home. As soon as we’re done each Monday, I’m off to shoot Fix It and Finish It. When we have the time, we will have our dance, and it will be so special for us both.

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As always, we want to check-in and see how Fix It and Finish It is going. Do you have a favorite episode or moment during this season so far?

ASJ: There are just so many to mention because we’ve done 61 shows and not one is better than another. All the people and families we help are so giving and happy when the job is done. I have to say that all 61 episodes thus far are my favorite!

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