Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Star Antontio Sabato Jr. on Switch-Up Partner Allison Holker: “I Couldn’t Ask For Anyone Better!”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Star Antontio Sabato Jr. on Switch-Up Partner Allison Holker: “I Couldn’t Ask For Anyone Better!”

By Sarah Batcheller

Antonio Sabato Jr. is still impressing fans with what seems like natural-born talent on Dancing with the Stars. Last week, judge Carrie Ann Inaba called him “the heartthrob of the season” after he performed the Samba with partner Cheryl Burke. He also won over the audience by dedicating the performance to his mother and paying tribute to the year his family came to the United States. This week bares new possibility, as Sabato and the other contestants switch partners. The General Hospital actor is looking forward to dancing Bollywood with new pro Allison Holker — read our celebrity interview below to find out more about their training!

How did learning the Samba compare to the other dances you’ve done this season? Do you have a favorite so far?

ASJ: They’re different in technique, but to me, they’re all new, so they’re all challenging. They are a lot of fun and having Cheryl teach me has made the challenge that much more enjoyable. Right now, I don’t have a favorite one. So far, each one has been unique in its own way — it’s hard to say!

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We love that you dedicated this week’s dance to your mom. Anything you can share about the support she’s given you during DWTS so far?

ASJ: My mom comes from the dancing world, so her guidance has been invaluable. She advises me on how to relax more and gives me tips for my posture. She’s been amazing, explaining to me how to attack a dance through feeling the music and through your body. Those things have been very helpful, and I am so indebted to her for her support.

How did it feel when Carrie Ann called you “the heartthrob of the season”?

ASJ:  Hey! I was flattered. Anything coming from the judges is helpful and very kind. I take it as compliment from her, as beautiful as she is.

You looked a bit disappointed when the judges shared their scores. What were you thinking in that moment?

ASJ: Obviously, you want to earn the highest score possible, but honestly, that’s not what my reaction was about. The disappointment wasn’t related to the scores but for my own mistake in the dance. You probably wouldn’t see it on TV. I knew it, and Cheryl knew it, but I didn’t want to let it get to me.

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Antonio Sabato Jr. on Bollywood Dance in Celebrity Interview

Tonight is the switch-up.  We know you were disappointed to leave Cheryl for a week! What can you tell us about training last week?

ASJ: I’ve been paired with Allison Holker, and we’re doing Bollywood, which is full of color. I’m not wearing any shoes, completely barefoot. We’re working really hard, putting the hours in to make it as fun for everyone else as it will be for us.

I’ve known Allison and her husband, and she’s another person I can learn from. I’ll take what I learn back to Cheryl and continue to grow. I couldn’t ask for anyone better, but I do miss Cheryl.

And lastly, what’s been going on this week with Fix It and Finish It? Where are you currently filming?

ASJ: We’re still in Louisville, a beautiful town with beautiful people and projects. We just finished up three projects this week, and we have three next week. Then, we’re off to Cleveland.

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