Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr. Takes Elimination from ‘DWTS’ in Great Stride: “I’m Sorry I Can’t Stay”Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr. Takes Elimination from ‘DWTS’ in Great Stride: “I’m Sorry I Can’t Stay”

By Shannon Seibert

In a sad turn of events, Antonio Sabato Jr. and partner Cheryl Burke were eliminated last Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. For their last time on the dance floor, the spicy duo danced a Viennese Waltz, hoping to impress the judges after the prior week’s critical Salsa assessment. Though the pair didn’t satisfy the judges’ tastes, Sabato says he will continue dancing after the show. The former soap opera star’s other show Fix it and Finish It is also off to new endeavors as it heads into its 69th show. Don’t miss our exclusive celebrity interview below!

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Antonio Sabato Jr.

Halloween week on DWTS seemed like so much fun! What was your favorite part of last week’s episode?
ASJ: Dancing with the team was great, but what always was my favorite part of any show was having my family there and getting to dance for my wife. I loved being able to do two beautiful dances, but nothing brings me more joy than family.

We’re so sad that we won’t get to see you and Cheryl dance again. Anything you want to say to your fans?

ASJ: My love goes out to all of them, and I wish things had gone differently on the show. As someone who has never danced before, I’m really proud of what I accomplished and making it as far as I did.
Having Cheryl take me through seven weeks on the show was amazing. It was a great run, and I’m sorry I can’t stay. I had a great time, and I wish I could do it again.

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What will you miss most about being on DWTS?

ASJ: Dancing for my wife and kids — that was the best part, along with being able to dance for my fans and supporters. The TV show part was fun, and getting to work with Cheryl was a blast. I really did appreciate the feedback from the judges and the help they were giving me to be a better dancer. All of it was great, but dancing for everyone was the thing I will miss most.

Do you think you’ll continue to dance even though your time on the show is over?

ASJ: Oh yes, I’m going to continue to dance with my wife. When I’m on location, I will practice my dance moves in front of the mirror because it’s great exercise. I love to feel the music, and now I’m hooked. You feel good doing it, and I love that it’s something that I enjoy so much.

We have to ask: Who do you think will win the mirror ball trophy this season?

ASJ: I don’t know! It’s not necessarily a sure thing for anyone at this stage. You have celeb dancers that have danced for a long time who can win it. You have Sadie Robertson, a young teenager who is amazing. You have Janel Parrish. These are people that can break through. Of course, Alfonso Ribeiro has been dancing his whole life and could win it. It’s anybody’s game. Now that I see the rest of the crowd, it could be anybody. There are a lot of good dancers there. A lot of variables influence something like this.

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Shifting gears, what are you currently working on in Cleveland for Fix It and Finish It?

ASJ: We did a den today for two teenagers, and tomorrow, we’re doing a back yard for a wonderful family that needs their deck and yard done. We’ve got six more to do, and then after Thanksgiving, we go to Richmond.

What can fans expect to see on the upcoming episodes?

ASJ: The ones you’re going to see coming up are wonderful projects: We do a few basements, and we turn a garage into a living room. We turn a lot of homes inside and out. We work with wonderful contractors all over the country who do amazing work. We’ve already done 69 shows!

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