Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr. on His ‘DWTS’ Journey So Far: “I Have a Passion with Everything I Do”Cupid's Pulse Article: Antonio Sabato Jr. on His ‘DWTS’ Journey So Far: “I Have a Passion with Everything I Do”

By Sarah Batcheller

Impressed doesn’t even begin to sum up the fan’s opinion of Antonio Sabato Jr.’s Bollywood performance during partner switch-up week on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. While viewers missed his dynamic dancing with partner Cheryl Burke, he and Allison Holker really turned up the heat with kicks, jumps, and stunts. Much to Sabato’s pleasure, judge Julianne Hough noted his passion and said he was “most improved.” Find out more from the Fix It and Finish It host in our exclusive celebrity interview below!

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Antonio Sabato Jr. About ‘DWTS

What was running through your mind when you found out you were dancing Bollywood?

ASJ: Excitement! I was very excited because I love Bollywood. I knew it would be fun and was very happy to get to do it.

Allison mentioned how high energy this dance is. Was it harder to learn than past dances because of the quick pace?

ASJ: In some ways, it was, and in some ways, it wasn’t. The good thing is that I felt really comfortable in it from the beginning. Actually, I’m feeling more comfortable with dancing as a whole. Some weeks, it’s hard, and some weeks are easier, but I love all the challenges. I think I had more fun learning Bollywood because it’s a happy kind of dance, and that made it a fun challenge.

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How did your chemistry with Allison compare to it with Cheryl? Did you agree with the judges when they noted the disconnect between the two of you?

ASJ: It’s about the dance and what we tried to do. There’s a chemistry when you dance with a great partner, and it worked with Allison as well as Cheryl. They’re both amazing dancers, and I’m fortunate to dance with Cheryl and to work with Allison. I’ve never danced before, so I’m learning as a student and come in with no expertise.

No, I didn’t agree with the judges. That was their opinion as judges. I know that I had a great time in the dance. They are supposed to judge, and it didn’t take away from what we did on the floor.

We love that Julianne commented on how passionate you are each week — that had to feel good! Where does that passion come from?

ASJ: I have a passion with everything I do. When I do something, I want to do it the best I can. I take pride in the life I have and the choices I make. I’m blessed to be on a show like DWTS. I guess the passion is in my blood — the passion to work hard on something. I’m Italian, and we are a very passionate people.

Julianne also called you “most improved” on Good Morning America last week. We’d love to know your thoughts on this sweet comment!

ASJ: HUGE compliment coming from her. I totally respect her as a dancer, a performer, and now a judge. As soon as I see her, I will thank her and let her know how grateful I am for what she said.

What was it like watching Cheryl dance with Alfonso Ribeiro? Any jealousy?

ASJ: Nah, I was happy for both of them. They were so good. Alfonso has been dancing his entire life, and I’ve been looking forward to watching people that know how to dance get to dance. It’s so fun to watch. I was very supportive of both of them, especially Cheryl.

Is there anything you learned from Allison that you’ll be using during training this week? 

ASJ: I’m learning so much from every dance I do, and I enjoy every different move and song. I learned with Bollywood to relax even more and to have more fun. I’ve learned to pay attention to every step and to loosen up. That’s what I’m going to take with me this week as I do the Salsa with Cheryl.

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When we first spoke with you, you mentioned your family would be in the audience each week. What sort of feedback have they been giving you?

ASJ: My family is being very supportive of me. They love the show; they love to dance; and they love to get to see me dance. We’re always there together, and it’s a blessing. They love it. All my friends come and see me and support me, and it makes it so special.

Lastly, you’re still shooting Fix It and Finish It while you’re competing. How is Louisville?

ASJ: We had our last shoot there on Friday, and now, our crew moves to Cleveland. I really love the city a lot, and hopefully, I can run into LeBron!

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