Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Pro Tony Dovolani on  Betsey Johnson: “She’s Never Felt Pretty in Her Life”Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘DWTS’ Pro Tony Dovolani on  Betsey Johnson: “She’s Never Felt Pretty in Her Life”

By Sarah Batcheller

Tony Dovolani has been a professional dancer on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars since season 2, and he finally won the coveted mirror ball trophy when he was paired with Melissa Rycroft during season 15. This year, he was partnered with fashion designer Betsey Johnson, and they were a fan favorite to say the least. Beginning the season with the notorious boa mishap, the pair climbed the rankings and became an exquisitely entertaining team for audiences to watch. Sadly, Dovolani and Johnson were eliminated during week four. Still, the pro is in high spirits as he gushes about his strong relationship with Johnson and his beautiful family in our exclusive celebrity interview.

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with ‘DWTS’ Pro

The DWTS veteran says that what keeps him coming back to the show every season is his love for teaching, his passion for fitness, and his desire to live a happy life. His partnership with Johnson is proof of these wholesome intentions. He fondly recalls asking her about the most important thing that she learned from him, and her answer was, “The love for people you have.” According to Dovolani, she added, “You don’t just care about my dancing; you care about my well-being, and you want me to go on to live a good and healthy life.” As if it weren’t difficult enough for us to deal with their elimination already!

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Dovolani took the chivalry up a notch by designing Johnson’s dresses and picking out her hair and makeup each week. The fashion legend expressed to him that “she’s never felt pretty in her life. I thought, ‘That’s so sad.’ Here is somebody who has made so many people feel so beautiful for so many years,” he explains. “I wanted to give it back to her, and I was honored and humbled to be given that opportunity. I wanted to make her the center of attention instead of her always making other people the center of attention!”

The fitness guru says that what was most unique about their relationship, that’s never been true with any of his previous teammates, is that Johnson had more to offer than what meets the eye. He was able to “get to her” and show America who she really is. “If I could describe her in one word, it would be joyful,” he added.

Dovolani was surprised when the pair was eliminated, especially given that his golden gal showed such an improvement. “I don’t know what happened; I think people thought we were safe,” he admits. “But we had a glorious, glorious journey each week.”

Tony Dovolani Talks Celebrity Marriage

The pro dancer’s loving nature extends to his home life as well. He happily boasts that he and his wife Lina dance together often. She even takes dance lessons at his studio in Connecticut. “I don’t teach her though — if I did, she wouldn’t be my wife anymore!” he says with a laugh. When it comes to being active with his three children, they especially love using the giant trampoline that he built for them in their backyard.

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To keep the spark alive in his celebrity marriage, Dovolani recognizes the importance of taking time away from bills and other responsibilities. It could be going to the movies or taking a simple walk in the park, but he believes you need that opportunity to connect with one another. “Take time to celebrate each other and see how your partner is doing,” he advises in our exclusive celebrity interview.

Given his passionate attitude, it’s no surprise that he gushes about how wonderful his relationship is. “I couldn’t even imagine not being married,” he shares. “When I look at the way my wife takes care of the kids, the house, and me, I think she’s a more powerful woman than any man could ever be. Lina gives me strength; she gives me confidence; she gives me everything.”

You can keep up with Tony on Twitter @TonyDovolani. Tune in for Dancing with the Stars on Mondays on ABC at 8/7c!