Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Antonio Sabato Jr. Shares His Best Relationship and Love Advice for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Antonio Sabato Jr. Shares His Best Relationship and Love Advice for Valentine’s Day

By Rebecca White

Do you ever wonder what married celebrity couples do for Valentine’s Day, especially if they’re apart due to work obligations? Well, we got the inside scoop from one of our favorite stars! In an exclusive celebrity interview, Antonio Sabato Jr. shares that his relationship and love life is better than ever and discusses what he’ll do for his wife this weekend.

Antonio Sabato Jr. Talks Valentine’s Day Plans in Exclusive Celebrity Interview

In honor of the romantic holiday, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant learned how to cook for his wife Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes on Flip My Food with Chef Jeff Henderson. Although the actor won’t be home for the special day, he plans to use the skills he acquired on the show when he returns and has “some surprises going to the house for her.”

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When the reality TV star learned what Chef Jeff wanted to make for the famous couple, he couldn’t resist the invitation to go on his show. “Everything was delicious, and the dessert was incredible,” Sabato raves. “He makes everything taste amazing. I don’t ever eat salmon, and the way he made it was amazing. I love his food, his recipes, and his show.”

The actor not only learned how to cook the perfect meal for his wife, but he also took home some new cooking skills that he didn’t have before. The Fix It & Finish It host shares that you need to “take your time; be careful not to overcook your ingredients; and put passion behind your food.”

Reality TV Star Shares His Best Relationship and Love Advice

If you are still unsure of how to spend your Valentine’s Day and what to give your significant other, consider this dating advice to save your relationship and love life. “Knowing what your significant other likes and what is special to her is the way to have a great Valentine’s Day,” the former model says. “Know her favorite restaurant, her favorite food, her favorite flower, or her favorite movie. Then, surprise her and be a gentleman about it.”

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Or you can impress your partner on the dance floor this weekend. The actor may even showcase his dancing skills. “I get to dance with my wife all the time and have had many dances with her since the end of DWTS,” he reveals in our exclusive celebrity interview. “I always take my time with her to heart.”

If you’re still in a bind, use this celebrity couple’s favorite date night as your inspiration. Sabato divulges that they like to go to a theater where “you can order food and drinks during the movie in reclined seating and just have an amazing time.” Sounds like a good date to us!

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