Cupid's Pulse Article: Hope AnkneyCupid's Pulse Article: Hope Ankney

Fall 2019

Editorial Intern

Hope is a senior at Arizona State University where her studies are focused almost entirely on media and pop culture. She’s an avid fan of celebrity news and enjoys writing and reading about film, music, celebrity analysis, and toxic gender stereotypes in entertainment when she’s able. When she’s not keeping up to date on the many aspects of pop culture or writing for, she likes to go to concerts, write music reviews, and host her own monthly radio show.

Hope’s favorite celebrity couple is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Their ability to display and discuss their relationship not only offers practical love advice on how to trust and support your partner, but it shows that even the strongest relationships can have struggles, but it’s in how you deal with those struggles that can cause you both to grow stronger together. She adores the way they’ve always been each other’s biggest fans, and it is something she hopes to implement into her future relationships.

Hope’s expertise: Celebrity News, Celebrity Couples, Relationship Advice

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