Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Clare Crawley Is Announced as Seaon 16 ‘Bachelorette’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Clare Crawley Is Announced as Seaon 16 ‘Bachelorette’

By Hope Ankney

In the latest celebrity news, a Bachelor alumnae was announced as the new Season 16 Bachelorette! According to, Clare Crawley is officially continuing her journey to find love. The 38-year-old reality star revealed herself on Good Morning America, stating she had only found out two days prior. She told Lara Spencer, “[It was] So unexpected. I cannot believe it. I mean, six years later. What is happening?” Crawley makes history being the oldest Bachelorette to lead the show. Rachel Lindsay was previously the oldest with her season when she was 32. Crawley made her first appearance in 2014 on Juan Pablo’s season and is famously known for telling him off when he didn’t propose to her. She went on to join the franchise three more times with Bachelor in Paradise and The Winter Games, where none of her relationships kept a spark.

In celebrity news, there’s a new Bachelorette in town! What are some unique ways to go about finding love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Finding love in this modern dating scene can seem almost impossible. With the many dating apps, the insensitivity that’s come with technology and social media, and knowing that traditional ways of finding love are sometimes too unrealistic to play out, it can look pretty bleak out there for all the single folk. But, there are still some unique ways to find love that doesn’t rely on apps or constant worrying over social media. You might not get the opportunity to land yourself on a reality show to find love, but Cupid has some love advice on original ideas on finding love yourself:

1. Ask your friends for set-ups: I know that blind dates can seem terrifying and over-dramatized in film and media, but bringing back this model of finding others can actually work to your advantage. In fact, most young people do find love interests based on their friends. So, if you want to shoot your shot and trust a friend, ask them to help set you up with someone they know. Don’t give them any pressure! Just tell them that you’re open to anyone new, so they aren’t stressed to find you the perfect date.

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2. Live your life for you: When you begin to start getting to know all the facets of who you are, and you live for yourself and no one else, you’ll go down a healthy life path. Doing what is right for you means you will be around jobs, places, and near people who further align with your life plan. You’ll have a much better chance of meeting a soulmate because they will also have a similar life path.

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3. Use Uber as often as possible: Not technically a social media, this ridesharing service can actually connect you with others you might never meet elsewhere. When you choose the option to UberPool, you are meeting new people that you could have a connection with. It’s like a sort of speed dating that can end the moment you arrive at your location.

What are some unique ways you’ve found love? Let us know in the comments below!