Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Jessie J Shares Sweet Birthday Tribute to Channing Tatum Weeks After SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Jessie J Shares Sweet Birthday Tribute to Channing Tatum Weeks After Split

By Hope Ankney

In the latest celebrity news, Jessie J. wished Channing Tatum a happy birthday over the weekend. Just weeks after these celebrity exes called it quits, states that the “Domino” singer took to social media to give Tatum ta big 40th birthday shout-out. “Happy 40th birthday to this special man right here,” Jessie wrote alongside a photo of Channing in the water. “I am so grateful you were born, and even more grateful that we met.” She even shared a video of him in the water with the caption, “Keep living your BEST life.”

These celebrity exes seem to be taking the high road. What are some benefits to keeping a civil relationship with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay on good terms with an ex. It’s possible, but it can take a while to get to a point where you’re both balanced enough to have some sort of friendship outside of the relationship. If you’re figuring out the pros and cons of taking the high road with an ex, don’t worry. Cupid has some love advice on the benefits that staying civil with your ex can bring:

1. Someone to confide in: No one else was apart of the relationship other than your ex. So, if you’re having a difficult time healing or moving on in other relationships, they can be the perfect person to confide in. They know parts of you no one else does, and that can be very beneficial in the long run.

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2. Beneficial for the kids: If you and your ex have children together, it is very good to try and keep a civil relationship with their other parent. It can be difficult enough to split your kids up between the two of you, but it will be a lot better for everyone if you’re able to still act as that family unit around your children.

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3. The work environment: Sometimes, you find that splitting up can be sticky for more reasons than one. If you both work around each other, the work environment can get awkward and tense real quick. If you’re able to find a common ground to stand on with an ex, it can make both of your work spaces that much more bearable. Trust me, your coworkers will thank you.

What are the benefits you’ve found while staying civil with your ex? Let us know down below!