Cupid's Pulse Article: Gillian LeeCupid's Pulse Article: Gillian Lee

May 2018

Social Media Intern

Gillian Lee began her Public Relations internship with in May 2018. She then took over coordinating social media accounts in September 2018. During her time interning, she works with relationship experts to coordinate postings, and edits pieces for readers on WordPress. She has also taken over the product reviews sections and diligently communicates with Public Relations companies to acquire products for editorial review.

She resides on Long Island with her family and currently studies at the State University of New York at Cortland. She majors in Communications and has a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising. In college she runs Division III Track and Field and specializes in hurdles, she’s also the news editor for the school newspaper, The Dragon Chronicle. After she graduates she’s hoping to pursue her public relations and advertising job in any major city! On her free time, she loves to crochet, run, and hang out with her friends. She also loves to cook in her crock-pot and is always looking for the next adventure! She has explored Europe, Costa Rica, China and so much more!

Gillian Expertise: Relationship Experts

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