Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Celebrity Reds To Turn You OnCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Celebrity Reds To Turn You On
While most of the attention in February goes to Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day, the whole month is known as the month of love. This is where red wine comes in.
It’s been said that when you want to get romantic, red wine is where it’s at. It boosts the libido. The wine contains flavonoids (antioxidants) that increase the blood flow to key areas that get things going in the boudoir. While the tannins and histamines in the wine give your body a bit of warmth which also gets you in the mood for a little fun.

Red Wines For Your Love Life

The following are some reds that will add a touch of spice to your love life.
Nocking Point Wines-  Year VI Cabernet Sauvignon
Plenty of celebrities have wine, but Nocking Point is the first line of wines to be curated by celebrities. The winery was co-founded by Stephen Amell from the hit WB show, Arrow. The wines are produced in Washington. You may be surprised to find out that they are the 2nd largest producing wine state in the US. There are great wines coming out of the region.
This red is their flagship wine. It’s aged in French oak barrels with aromas of red and black fruits, plus a bit of wood. The perfect wine for a romantic dinner that includes steak or a truffle pizza.
Il Paglaio- Roxanne Rosso Toscana
I was sent a note that Sting and Trudie Styler wanted to send me this wine so how could I say no? It’s produced on the land of their villa in Tuscany where the couple love to spend some quality time.
When people think of this duo, “sexy” tends to come to mind. How many couples do you know that practice seven-hour tantric sessions? Maybe it’s something we should all get going in our lives.
Roxanne Red is named after the famous song written by String, but it’s also inspired by Alexander the Great’s wife, a muse of Cyrano De Bergerac. The song is about a man who falls in love with a lady of the night. He confesses his love and asks her to stay with him.
While the song leaves it up to our imagination whether she stays or goes, if you bring a bottle of Roxanne Red, you just may win your lover’s heart. It’s a red blend that has “amore” written all over it. Think deep ruby red with notes of red fruits, cherries, and spices. All the makings of a love libation. While you are at it, pair a little tantra with your wine.
Las Jaras Wine-  Old Vine Carignan
The wine was created for good times and to have the perfect wine to pair with food. This small production of wine is co-created by Eric Wareheim. You may have seen him on the Netflix show, Master of None.
If your partner is into wine from California, this is a good selection. The Carignan grape is originally from Spain so this wine will give you a Spanish vibe. The bold juicy red is a food friendly wine which is exactly what you are looking for when you want to have a romantic meal. Long story short, this is a unique bottle of wine. Your love will be pleasantly surprised if you choose this one.
Bastianich Wines- Vespa Rosso
When a kitchen witch like Lidia Bastianich has a wine, attention must be a pad. Bastinach has been wowing audiences with her Italian cooking for years. Between her cookbooks and restaurants, it’s not surprising that she got into the wine game. Founded in 1997, the wines are produced in the Friuti Colli Orientali DOC region of Italy.
This red blend has aromas of mulberries, blackberries, and balsamic vinegar. This powerful wine also comes with a touch of elegance. It would be great with bleu cheese and honey. It’s been said that cheese is an aphrodisiac. Imagine how fun a red wine, honey, and bleu cheese would be. Plus this wine will make you feel like you sipping in the beautiful lands of Italy.
Some people forget about Italian wine during romantic holidays because France seems to have the “sexy image” on lock. Don’t forget to add Italian wines in your list.
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