Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libation: Kiss Me, Cocktails Inspired by Irish AuthorsCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libation: Kiss Me, Cocktails Inspired by Irish Authors

By Yolanda Shoshana 

The most popular holiday in March has got to be St. Patrick’s Day. The celebration is a feast day for Saint Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. Once the Irish made it to America they used the day to honor all things, Irish. The Kiss Me I’m Irish slogan comes from if you can’t kiss Blarney Castle, the next best thing is kissing someone who’s Irish to get the power of eloquence and luck.

St. Patricks Day Drinks


To celebrate this joyous Irish occasion indulge in some cocktails named after famous Irish writers. As we all know the Irish love drinking to their dearly departed.  The following cocktails are inspired by Irish writers who had very interesting love lives.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde is one of Ireland’s most influential playwrights. It’s said that he got his storytelling skills from his mother, Lady Jayne, who was known for making an entrance. His first love was Florence Balcombe, but she dropped Wilde to marry Bram Stoker. After proposing marriage to two other women, Wilde eventually married the scandalous woman, Constance Lloyd, who was just as ambitious as he was. They lived a life surrounded by bougie folks. While an affectionate marriage, Wilde ended up preferring the company of young men. As Wendy Williams would say “How you doin?”


Oscar Wilde Cocktail

1 1/4 Ounce(s) Absinthe

3/4 Ounce(s) Fresh lemon juice

3/4 Ounce(s) Simple Syrup

1 Egg White

1 Ounce(s) Chilled Champagne

Freshly grated nutmeg, orange twist

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James Joyce 

The Irish icon, James Joyce, published his first piece at 9. Some of his most popular works are Ulysses, The Dead and Finnegan’s Wake. While you may not consider those page-turners, there are letters by Joyce that may be up your alley. You may be surprised to find out that Joyce wrote filthy love letters to his wife, Nora Barnacle. Some of them would even make Christin Grey blush. There’s nothing like a good ole fashion naughty love letter to spice things up in a romance. Use Joyce for inspiration to write your own and serve this cocktail.

James Joyce Cocktail 

1 ½ ounce of Irish whiskey

¾ ounces sweet vermouth

¾ ounces Cointreau

½ ounce lime juice

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange slice

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F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Most people have read “The Great Gatsby” since it was required reading in school. It was a very glitzy and glamorous story of prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922 written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  While he was born in America, he had had Irish roots. Fitzgerald and his saucy wife Zelda lived a party filled life and had a passionate relationship. Basically, they partied and loved hard.  While there isn’t a cocktail after him, he loved a drink called The Gin Rickey.  His spirit of choice was gin because it was undetectable on his breath. He is known for saying “ First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you”. 

 The Gin Rickey


2 oz. Gin

½ Lime

Club Soda

Add the gin to the Collins glass full of ice. Add the juice from the lime half, then drop the shell into the glass. Top with soda water.