Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 4 Types of Men You’ll Meet OnlineCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 4 Types of Men You’ll Meet Online

By Gillian Lee

In this week’s Single In Stiletto’s dating advice video, founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talk to Robert Manni about 4 types of men you’ll meet online. Watch the video above and the article below for good dating tips in your life!

Different Types of Men You Meet Online

1. Newbies: The first type of people you would run into are the “newbies.” These men have just recently started online dating, and aren’t positive what they are looking for in a woman. Manni explains to us women, “I would recommend to all ladies as a first question when you’re with a guy to ask them what they think about online dating.” He explains to us to beware of the newbies because it’s an idea of “window shopping” for them. Don’t forget these guys completely, but instead, keep seeing guys who have experience.

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2. Jugglers: These type of men or women are people who are using various dating sites, and who are “dating up a storm.” These people are overbooking dates, and what usually happens is that they would cancel last minute, or ghost you. When you are dating this type of guy, make sure to look out for your heart because they would be balancing multiple people at once.

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3. Lonelies: These type of people are the ones who have been dumped a bunch of times, or their wife have just left them. They seek a companion through online dating, but they haven’t yet managed their feelings. “These people might be a little needy, and might not know how to manage online dating…starting over can be really difficult for some people…” Manni says to us.

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4. Realist: These are the type of guys that you want to meet because “they have confidence in their own skin, like to meet people offline…” This man will be able to show you a good time and be the type of guy you want to date. These men will have more relationship potential for women. But, you have to be careful if somebody is that comfortable in their own skin and have their game together that they won’t turn into players, because it’s pretty easy. Find a guy that has a cool head, and knows who he is and is respectable to women.

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