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Oct 25, 2019 0

Health Tips: Hand Out Healthy Halloween Treats

Posted In: Fitness/Health
Cupid's Pulse Article: Health Tips: Hand Out Healthy Halloween Treats
Halloween candy. Photo: evgenyb /

By Ashley Johnson

Tirck-or-treating can be one of the most fun activities for kids once a year, but can also be one of the most unhealthy. In different countries, “the treats” people get can include anything from candy to money. While these kind of treats can be awesome to receive in your goodie bag, they are not the only ones. There are ways to have a fun, healthier Halloween all while still enjoying your favorite snacks.

Health Tips: Halloween doesn’t have to be unhealthy. What are some healthy snacks you can hand out for Halloween?

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Nov 27, 2018 0

Food Trend: Check Out the Best Diet-Friendly Snacks

Posted In: Food
Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Check Out the Best Diet-Friendly Snacks
Couple watching a movie together and eating popcorn. Photo: Minerva Studio /

By Courtney Shapiro

There are many snacks you can eat that won’t disagree with your diet. A popular food trend right now is finding snacks that taste good without ruining all your progress. It’s okay to eat the high calorie snacks sometimes, but we’ve got some food advice on which healthy snacks you’ll want to incorporate into your regimen.

Check out which diet friendly snacks you should incorporate into your eating habits

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