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May 6, 2017 0

Celebrity Interview: Courtney Paige Talks About ‘The Arrangement’ and If It’s Really About Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Courtney Paige Talks About ‘The Arrangement’ and If It’s Really About Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Courtney Paige. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Whitney Johnson and Miriana Rexrode.

If you’re as hooked on E!’s hit scripted series The Arrangement as we are, then there’s no doubt that Courtney Paige has made a lasting impression on you as the mysterious (and up-to-no-good) Annika. In our exclusive celebrity interview with the star, she opens up about her role on the show and what fans can expect in tomorrow night’s finale. Plus, she talks to us about her film company Crazy Sunshine Films as well as her love life.

Celebrity Interview: Courtney Paige Talks About The Arrangement

As fans know, The Arrangement is a 10-episode series that follows the journey of up-and-coming actress Megan Morrison, who receives a lucrative offer to enter a staged marriage with movie star Kyle West. Paige’s character Annika is working behind-the-scenes as hired help to ensure that their celebrity relationship lasts. Of playing the scandalous and manipulative villain of the show, Paige says, “Annika is so different from anyone I’ve played before because she has so many layers. It’s quite a challenge for me.”

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Of course, playing the bad girl can be fun. “It’s such a treat,” she adds. “You never know what she’s going to do next.”

We’ve read that Annika has a “big secret” to reveal in this season’s finale episode. When asked about what’s next for her character, the Canadian native reveals, “I think all of the characters on The Arrangement have some sort of big secret. The viewers are really left on the edge of their seats until the end. It’s really well written.”

It’s been rumored that the show’s storyline is based on a celebrity couple that we’re all familiar with: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Luckily, the actress clears up any suspicions and says, “I think arranged relationships have been going on since before our time — long before Tom and Katie. So if anyone thinks it’s deliberately about them, it’s really not.”

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The actress is lucky to share the small screen with a number of famous faces, including Michael Vartan. “Michael is so lovely and so talented,” she shares in our celebrity interview. “It’s amazing how humble everyone is on set. Everyone is so nice to each other, and it’s a great cast to be apart of.” Thanks to the show’s addicting storyline and great cast, we were excited to learn that writers are already working on the second season. 

Not only is Paige an actress, but she’s also an up-and-coming writer and film director. She started her own film company called Crazy Sunshine Films and has a feature film in the works called Neon Candy, set to premiere in September. She, of course, shares her thoughts on the potential strike of the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Although she is not part of the WGA, she believes that if anyone is not feeling valued or being underpaid, then they should take a stand. We couldn’t agree more!

Courtney Paige on Her Love Life

The Arrangement may be filled with romantic drama, but off-screen, Paige’s love life is much more low-key. While she’s not currently looking for a celebrity relationship, she’s not opposed to finding someone special. “I’m still single, and I’m really focusing on my career, but if you know any single guys…,” she says with a laugh.

When it comes to her dream date, she likes to keep things simple. “I’m a pretty big country girl. I love to get out of the city and do anything outdoorsy. Fishing, hiking, watching the stars, or something else in nature is right up my alley,” she shares.

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Every man’s dream girl, right? Not according to Paige. “I’m a lot to handle,” she adds. “Actresses are emotional, and they wear their hearts on their sleeve.”

Of course, Paige’s first love is acting, dating back to her early years in the theatre. To young girls watching The Arrangement and hoping to become actresses, she advises, “Make sure that you start in the theatre. I think it’s important to not get caught up in all of the Hollywood glitz and fluffiness and to really stay true to your roots. Always remember what’s important about the craft.” 

Catch Courtney Paige on the season finale of The Arrangement on E! on Sunday, May 7th at 10 p.m. EST. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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