Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘The Arrangement’ Star Lexa Doig Says Viewers Can ‘Expect a Bit of Everything’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘The Arrangement’ Star Lexa Doig Says Viewers Can ‘Expect a Bit of Everything’

By Cortney Moore

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and super hero television series, then Lexa Doig is a familiar face! This Filipina and Irish-Scottish actress has played the roles of medical specialist Sonya Valentine on the hit Canadian show Continuum, and the fierce Talia al Ghul on The CW’s Arrow. Most recently, Doig snagged a role in the upcoming drama, The Arrangement, which is set to air in March. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Doig opens up about her her part in the new E! scripted series, family life, romance and how she balances it all.

Take a peek at what Lexa Doig is up to on the E! scripted series The Arrangement in this exclusive celebrity interview!

E! is at it again with their second scripted romantic drama. The Arrangement is a 10-episode series that follows the journey of an up-and-coming actress who receives a lucrative offer to enter a staged marriage. Doig plays the role of Deann Anderson, who is a producer that aims to make the fake Hollywood marriage work for the sake of story telling. Without giving too much away, Doig says her character is “defined by her relationships with the men in her life, she knows who she is and what she wants to accomplish.” The concept of the show explores what goes into making a celebrity brand, and how it affects a star’s living. “I think that viewers can expect a bit of everything: there are power plays, personal dramas, intrigue, suspense,” teases Doig. Some have wondered whether The Arrangement was inspired by celebrity news involving Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but audiences will be able to decide for themselves in a few weeks.

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Doig is fortunate enough to be married to someone who understands her passion. She is married to fellow actor Michael Shanks, and has learned many lessons from their celebrity relationship. “Honesty, trust and good communication are so, so important in a marriage,” Doig explains. She also stresses that it’s importance of making time for loved ones. “It seems a bit obvious to say that, but it’s shocking how much we forget that and take for granted the people we love.” Aside from being a wife, Doig is also a mother of three. She and her husband try their best not to work at the same time, but that doesn’t always go according to plan. Doig is fortunate enough to have a supportive best friend and nanny to help achieve her work-life balance. “I have loads of help from lots of different places so I’m quite privileged in that way,” she unabashedly says.

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Although Valentine’s Day has now come and gone, Doig didn’t have anything special planned. With 13 years of marriage under her belt, the starlet says she and her husband aren’t big on the holiday. “We’re a little unromantic that way, but we’re both kind of unsentimental so it works great for us. I’d rather randomly do something beautiful or just appreciate and love my husband every day than pick an arbitrary day to go out for dinner and get chocolate,” Doig explains. When asked what was the most romantic thing someone has ever done for her on V-Day, Doig recalled a time when a boyfriend sent her on a treasure hunt. She had found his gesture to be “sweet,” but it ultimately didn’t work out. “I totally crapped on it by waiting until rush hour to drive all over the city, got impatient with his clues and yelled at him.” She went on to admit that her impatience is probably why she’s no good at romance.

With being a regular on two big network series, you’d think Doig would have her hands full. Despite a busy schedule, Doig continues to practice her craft. She recently finished filming the sixth installment of The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, and is prepping to shoot the seventh very soon.

For more information about Doig, follow her on Twitter @LexaDoig. The Arrangement is set to premiere on Sunday March 5 at 10 p.m.