Cupid's Pulse Article: Miriana RexrodeCupid's Pulse Article: Miriana Rexrode

March 2017 to Present
Writing Intern

Miriana Rexrode will be a Public Relations and Media student at Palm Beach University starting in Fall 2017. She is currently interning with J Migs PR and works with clients including Mike Tyson, Boys 2 Men, and some of the cast of the hit reality TV show Jersey Shore. She initially became interested in the entertainment business after her personal fan page about Justin Bieber gained a lot of attention. She credits the pop star as her biggest inspiration. Through that page, she has self-started her media career, landing her current internships with J Migs PR and Miriana loves writing about celebrity news and relationships as well as conducting celebrity interviews. Her biggest piece of relationship advice focuses on communication, and she believes that you have to talk through and about everything to have a healthy relationship.

Miriana’s Expertise: Celebrity News, Relationship Advice, Celebrity Interviews

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