Cupid's Pulse Article: Online Dating Site Celebrates Birthday: Is Turning 20!Cupid's Pulse Article: Online Dating Site Celebrates Birthday: Is Turning 20!

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By Meranda Yslas

The way people find relationships and love has been constantly evolving because of technology, and was one of the first companies to help with this change. After 20 years, this well-known online dating website has created over a quarter of a billion matches, started more than 10 million relationships, and helped “make” more than a million babies. If these numbers don’t convince you of’s reliability, then maybe a few online dating success stories can.

The First Successful Relationship and Love Story on

In 1995, at the start of the dating site, Bill and Freddi logged in online, not realizing they were going to be the first couple to meet on The two had previous marriages that ended, and they were looking for that special someone. “After ending a five-year relationship, a friend told me I had to go on and meet someone my age and eventually think about getting married again. I met many men and was just about ready to give up before I saw Bill’s profile. He was exactly what I was looking for,” shares Freddi.

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After about a week of emailing and talking on the phone, the two finally met for a lunch date. But it was during the beginning of their second date that Freddi knew Bill was The One. She greeted him at the door with a paper bag over her head after getting a bad perm. “He laughed and loved it, and that was it! It was a done deal,” she says.

After a few years of dating, Bill proposed to Freddi, and the two had their wedding on January 1, 2000. They have been married ever since.

Three Times Is a Charm: Persistence is Key When It Comes to Online Dating

Of course, Bill and Freddi are not the only success story from Founder and Executive Editor Lori Bizzoco also met her husband on the famous online dating site. Lori first tried around 1997 after a long-term relationship and love had ended. Although she met several men online, this type of dating was so new and unfamiliar that she didn’t pursue it further. Around 2003, Lori’s younger sister convinced her to try again and helped her set up a new profile. The site had grown tremendously since Lori had used it last, and she went on date after date. But when she still wasn’t finding that special someone, she gave up on the online dating world for a second time.

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It wasn’t until 2006 when she and a friend took a trip to South America that she had a spirtual awakening and premintion that she would meet someone as soon as she got back from the trip and that they would be married the following year (needless to say, the friend she was traveling with thought she had completely lost it). As soon as Lori got home, she made a commitment to enter the process of looking for love with an open mind, and she threw away the long checklist that had been holding her back from finding Mr. Right.

Once again, Lori uploaded a new photo of herself to and updated her profile. She got dozens and dozens of messages. Within two days, she received a message from a man who she had gone on a date with three years prior but never returned his call when he asked her on a second date. She remembered that he was very successful, good-looking, and nice, but at the time, she wrote him off as not her type. She decided to give him another chance — and it’s a good thing she did. They got along great, and NINE WEEKS later, he proposed! Today, Lori and her husband are still married and have two beautiful daughters.

Lori says, “ is a great way to meet someone if you just open your heart to the opportunity and live in the moment. You may need to go on several dates, and it could take kissing a few frogs before you find someone special, but all it takes is just ONE person for a happily ever after.”

Congratulations to on 20 years of matching couples and creating romantic relationships!