Cupid's Pulse Article: Studies Singles in AmericaCupid's Pulse Article: Studies Singles in America

Cupid's Pulse Article: Studies Singles in America

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By Nicole Cavanagh, the world’s largest online dating site, has released findings from their Third Annual Comprehensive Study on the Single Population called ‘Singles in America.’ This study is the largest and most comprehensive nationwide look at the current 107 million single people in America and their romantic dating habits, sexual practices and lifestyles. Over 6,000 people (from a national and unbiased representative sample) were surveyed and polled. Both coupled and single men and women answered over 200 questions on just about everything: how they meet potential partners, what they want out of a relationship, how they view marriage and more. With help from world-renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher from Rutgers University, findings revealed common myths about both married people and singles and explained the misconceptions of singles’ choices, all while taking into consideration the rise of technology in society and its impact on the dating world.

Although the media may portray commitment and long-term love as a thing of the past, the tech-savvy world we are living in today has actually created a dramatically new dating landscape. Turns out, most SinglesinUSA do want to marry and find their match, and 90 percent of them even believe that they can stay married to the same person forever. Single Americans are more interested than ever in finding fulfilling partnerships that will last forever. As Dr. Fisher explains, “Even the bad economy can’t kill love…both sexes believe a relationship can last, and both continue their primordial drive to find and keep love.”

It probably comes as no surprise that the dating world has gone digital. Connecting online ranks as the number one place where singles meet potential partners. A historically unprecedented number of Americans are now turning to the Internet to find love: twenty percent of singles met their most recent first date online versus only seven percent who met at a bar.

Of course, some considerations must be made if singles want a lasting connection after meeting someone in the cyber world. Ladies, beware that your digital persona can hurt your dating chances and make sure to put your best “face(BOOK)” forward. Turns out 38 percent of single men do their social network homework on Facebook before a first date, and 27 percent of men end up canceling the date because of something they discovered.

And for all of the single female readers out there who spend hours getting ready for a date with a new guy, your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed! Singles in America studies show that men judge women most commonly on three things: teeth, hair and grammar. So they are paying attention – not only to our physical appearance but to what we say as well.


To listen to a recording of the Singles in America data announced during the livestream event, please click here. And to all of you who are single, keep up the good work and remember that love is still alive!