Cupid's Pulse Article: Singles In America Study Breaks Down the World of Modern Relationships and LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Singles In America Study Breaks Down the World of Modern Relationships and Love

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By Katelyn Di Salvo

Modern dating has a set of new rules along with new gadgets and online dating apps. With the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, you could make a night of ice cream and Netflix into one filled with wine and gourmet food. It’s no secret that technology has changed the dating game in so many ways. As if being single wasn’t hard enough, now there’s even more to know when you’re searching for a relationship and love! Reveals Statistics About Singles Looking for a Relationship and Love

In collaberation with The Second City Communications,  and Singles In America (SIA) set up an afternoon of cocktails, food, and fun. In the Cutting Room in New York City, had a live streaming of their fifth comprehensive dating survey. The study, conducted by Research Now in association with renowned anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and evolutionary biologist Dr. Justin R. Garcia, polled the attitudes and behaviors of 5,675 U.S. single men and women between the ages of 18 and 70+. Their findings shed some light on how to date in the digital world and the ways in which technology is impacting courtship, sexual behaviors, gender roles, and hot-button issues.

This year’s results indicate that there is an “etiquette for a new era,” meaning that new technology and media lead to new habits and rules for dating. SIA found that both single men and women (54 percent of women and 33 percent of men, to be exact) find misspellings and incorrect grammar to be the biggest text turn-offs.  Another thing to keep in mind is many singles find too many selfies to be a bad sign.

Interestingly enough, emojis found their way into the study as well. 51 percent of singles say they use emojis to give their texts “more personality.” The most popular emoji’s among singles are the wink (53 percent), the smiley (38 percent), and the kiss (27 percent).  During the live streaming of the results, Dr. Fisher stated that singles who used these emojis to flirt as well as kiss emoji users were more sexually satisfied.

Another interesting point that came from this year’s study was what SIA called “The Clooney Effect.” Like George Clooney, men were starting to seek “the new woman”: someone who is smart, powerful, and self-sufficient. 87 percent of single men stated they would date a woman who makes “considerably more” money and who is better educated. Similarly, 78 percent of women want their own bank account, and 90 percent want more personal space. Does this mean men are getting lazier? According to Dr. Fisher, that’s not the case. “It just means we are seeing the end of the macho man,” the relationship expert explains.

As the Singles In America survey revealed, dating in the modern world means looking for a relationship and love with more technology at your finger tips. Finding someone special is easier than ever before!