Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Love Advice: The Perfect Excuse for a Valentine’s Day GetawayCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Love Advice: The Perfect Excuse for a Valentine’s Day Getaway

By David Wygant

If you’re thinking of traveling with your new woman, why not plan a weekend trip for Valentine’s Day? There are so many great deals during this special holiday. Don’t make the classic mistake of looking to the countryside. Everyone thinks that’s the most romantic place to go, but on Valentine’s Day, those bed and breakfasts are swarming with couples.

Expert Love Advice for a Valentine’s Day Vacation

Instead, to follow my expert love advice, consider the business districts in your local city. Some of the nicest hotels are situated in the business districts, and on Valentine’s Day, those hotels are often empty. There will be a ton of weekend specials you won’t be able to resist — I’m talking four or five star hotels for half the price! Yes, it might be a little quiet down there, but isn’t that exactly what you’re craving for you and your significant other?

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For your romantic weekend, you’ll have a big bed, room service, and easy access to recent movies. Usually, there is a great spa, a huge gym, and a top-notch restaurant in the hotel too. After all, they’re geared towards the business traveler who wants to feel absolutely spoiled when they are away.

How to Use a Special Getaway to Learn About Your Relationship and Love

After you book your room, what do you plan for Valentine’s Day weekend? Well, that depends on what you want. When I travel with somebody for the first time, I’m taking a look at how spontaneous they are. How do we relate to each other in closed quarters? It’s important to ask these questions because, up until this point in your relationship and love, you’ve probably spent all of your time in a comfort zone.

Maybe she spent the night at your place, or you spent the night at her house, but either way, you’ve been in familiar territory. When you take somebody out of the familiar, you get an idea of how they are when their things aren’t around. How much time does she spend with you? How much time is spent staring at her phone? Is she talking to or texting with her friends over the course of the weekend? These are things you don’t really think about, but a lot of women are social media junkies — they’re on it 24/7. I remember when I went away with this woman for the very first time years ago. We had sex, and it was great. I went to the bathroom. I came back literally 35 seconds later, and she was on Twitter.

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The first time you “live” with a person — even just for a weekend — they reveal their true nature. Up until this trip, they’ve been on their best behavior, but they’re about to expose themselves. Are they high maintenance? Are they low maintenance? Do they travel with a lot of things? Do they have trouble leaving their routine? You won’t know these intimate details until you take them away.

I believe that, in order to have a strong relationship and love, you need to take somebody on a getaway as quickly as possible. So this Valentine’s Day, invest in a weekend trip! Check out who she is and what she’s all about. Get an idea of what your future’s going to look like if you stay together.

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