Cupid's Pulse Article: How To Plan A Guy Friendly Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: How To Plan A Guy Friendly Valentine’s Day

By David Wygant

First of all, ladies, there’s no such thing as a guy friendly Valentine’s Day. We know this day is all about you. As far as guys are concerned, our Valentine’s Day already happened: It was when the Seahawks destroyed the Broncos at the Super Bowl. Men love football, and we love hanging out with men.

Now, it’s the end of the football season, and it’s painful for us. It makes our eyes tear, and it’s hard to let go. We just had six months of our addiction, and now, we’re not getting any football again until September. We’ve had to say goodbye to our faithful love of football.

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The official Valentine’s Day is for you: the flowers, the cute little teddy bear, the box of candy, and the romantic dinner. It’s taking you to that delicious dinner we pay double the price that we’d have paid the day before.

So how can you show your man that you’re different from all the other women out there? By ensuring that your man has a Valentine’s Day date that he’ll enjoy using the five tips below.

1. Buy him tickets. Take him to a sporting event or to a concert. Instead of doing the whole cliché of going out for dinner, do something more fun and something you can do together. Go against the grain. You want to show him he’s special to you. He’ll think you’re the coolest woman in the entire world.

2. Try a fun class. Head to a local winery and learn about the grapes that grow near you. Or sign up for an Italian cooking class and add some new pasta recipes to your weekly menu. You could go to Color Be Mind and do some pottery together.

3. Create new traditions. Instead of doing the usual clichéd activities, come up with something fun that you can do every year and start your own holiday traditions. If you enjoy traveling, head to a new locale every February 14th. Or if you like extreme sports, try sky diving or backcountry skiing.

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4. Be nice to us. Know that Valentine’s Day makes a lot of guys uptight; it puts us under a bundle of pressure. We have to make sure the flowers turn up to the right place; we have to make sure we manage to book a table at the restaurant you want before it fills up; and we have to be original with our gifts.

5. Think outside the box. When it comes down to it, the key to a successful relationship is keeping things fresh and exciting. To keep the fire burning, you need to find new ways of loving each other and having fun together. It’s something we should be doing every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. 

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