Cupid's Pulse Article: How Do You Make a Woman Feel Most Beautiful?Cupid's Pulse Article: How Do You Make a Woman Feel Most Beautiful?

By David Wygant

Well, I could tell you to just come right out and tell her she’s beautiful. But to me, that lacks the emotional depth a woman wants. Most women have a day each month, if not several days, where they find themselves more insecure than usual about their looks. They constantly compare themselves to others and make themselves feel bad. Men don’t necessarily do that. We’ll go to the gym, look at another guy, and say, “Boy, I wish I was built like him.” Then, we’ll shut it off in our brain and carry on with what we’re doing. Women, though, stand next to each other in Zumba and start to get angry or sad because they feel inadequate.

So here are the five best ways to make a woman feel her most beautiful — any time and any place.

1. Make an effort in the morning: Whether she wakes up wearing her gym clothes, sweat pants, or a dirty t-shirt, tell her she looks beautiful. If you say those sweet words to her when she’s wearing no make-up and hasn’t brushed her hair, it’s going to mean the world to her. Tell her that, even in her grungiest, she’s still perfect to you.

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2. Say it and mean it: When she’s rocking something she looks good in and she’s checking herself out in the mirror (like women do), it may be because she doesn’t like the way it fits her body that day. What you need to do is walk up behind her and whisper in her ear, “You look absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to take you out. I’m not going to be able to concentrate the whole night.” When you do this, you’re showing her you recognize that she’s picking at her parts. You know she’s not feeling 100 percent, but you still think she’s amazing.

3. Don’t just say she’s beautiful: You can make a woman feel beautiful without actually telling her she’s beautiful. If she’s leaving for a business meeting, look at her and say, “Wow, you’re rocking that outfit, and you’re going to kick butt today. Have an amazing day.” You’re building up her confidence and self-esteem despite not using those two little words.

4. Make her feel awesome around her friends: When you meet your woman and a group of her friends, there’s a chance she may start to feel a little insecure. She might think her friends are more attractive than she is, and it could impact her confidence. Say something like, “The second you walked in here, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. You look amazing. I love the way you did your hair.” It’s all about making her feel special…because that’s what beauty is to a woman. It’s a feeling rather than an actual look.

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5. Tell her the moment you see her: Don’t wait. When you pick a woman up for a date or come home from work, tell her she looks gorgeous. She’s spent so much time, especially if you’re on one of your first few dates, picking out an outfit and making herself look good. She’s probably changed clothes three or four times! So acknowledge the fact that she looks great. Similarly, be aware of your woman at all times. If she gets her hair done, take the time to notice and tell her how nice it looks.

Make a woman feel beautiful, and she’ll make you feel amazing.

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