Cupid's Pulse Article: Joshua Jackson Says Guys Should Pay On DatesCupid's Pulse Article: Joshua Jackson Says Guys Should Pay On Dates

By Katie Gray

Whoever says that chivalry is dead, clearly hasn’t heard of Joshua Jackson. The Affair star recently claimed to his fellow men, “You should always pay the bill.” According to, the actor divulged the most recent gentlemanly thing he did for girlfriend Diane Kruger the National Treasure star, stating, “Well, I am flying to Paris tomorrow to go see her for the weekend. That’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself.” Actor alumni of Dawson’s Creek, Joshua Jackson is a true gentleman. Actress Diane Kruger is one lucky girl!

What are some traditions to take into a dating situation?

Cupid’s Advice: 

It’s always a good thing to have traditions and to keep them going. When you’re dating, it’s nice for each partner to have a shared set of goals, expectations, standards and traditions. Cupid has some ways you can incorporate traditions into your dating situation:

1. That’s Amore: There are certain things in life that are universally loved by everyone. Some wonderful examples of this are receiving flowers and other tokens of affection or having someone’s true feelings expressed to you. This doesn’t have to include spending a lot of money either, there are ways to show your love to your partner without breaking your bank account. Example: writing them a poem, jotting down a sweet note for them, making them dinner and so forth. Just show them that you care and that you remember things that they tell you!

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2. Chivalry isn’t dead: In this day and age, chivalry can seem like a long forgotten way of life – but it doesn’t have to be only a thing of the past. There are still many people out there who believe in chivalry. People who use manners, proper etiquette and have respect. Talk with your partner and determine things you both like done, such as: the guy opening the car door and going to the front door to pick up a girl for a date. Doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and raising of children on your own. If you incorporate this into your dating life, you will be very happy with the results!

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3. Manners matter: There are some traditions that are too sweet to go out of style. When your partner asks your father for permission to marry you, spending the Holidays with family members and creating your own special traditions, and establishing with your partner when you’re officially in a relationship and are ‘going steady.’ It’s also good to ask permission for things and be polite at all times when dating.

What are some ways you have brought traditions into your dating situation? Share your thoughts below.