Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Live Out Your FairytaleCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Live Out Your Fairytale

By Leslie Chavez

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a place where chivalry prevailed, where it was acceptable for fair ladies to wear flower garlands, and where a princess could always count on being rescued by her Prince Charming. But fear not, dear maidens, for this enchanted image need not remain only fantasy. This weekend, let whimsical romance take over and live a few days in make-believe.

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Head to the nearest medieval fair and see the world of knights and queens come to life! After picking up a sword for your man and a piece of handcrafted jewelry for you, take a leisurely walk through the marketplace on your way to the big joust. You’ll be on the edge of your seat watching the lance-armed knights battle it out for her majesty. To settle your nerves after all that excitement, grab two mugs of ale before experiencing the festive music and entertaining jesters of the town. However, be aware of the peasants, pirates, and wenches that also roam the streets — although there’s no doubt that your gallant knight will surely come to your rescue if need be.

If the realm of poetry and plays is of more interest to you, check out a summer Shakespeare festival and immerse yourself in his beautiful prose, filled with star-crossed lovers and noble cavaliers. Spend the day in the grass, listening to the expressive words of one of the world’s greatest poets. Many festivals also include talks, readings, and classes that allow you to gain more insight into the romantic, chivalrous world portrayed on the stage. Submerge yourself in the imaginary love stories and embody the intense passion of Shakespeare’s knights and maidens.

For a more intimate experience, create a magical evening at home. Together, prepare a small Middle Ages feast of roast chicken, honey cakes, and mead, fit for the king and queen that you are. While you’re at it, listen to some instrumental tunes worthy of a royal ballroom waltz.

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After dinner, you can relax with the remainder of your mead and a fantasy TV marathon, be it Game of Thrones or the romantic tales of Disney’s finest: Charming, Phillip, Eric, and the Beast. Either way, get ready for a night so jam-packed with true love’s kisses and acts of bravery and charisma, it will definitely inspire your prince to follow suit. You’ll both be so enamored by the romantic storylines of these old-fashioned and courtly characters from another time that it’ll bring meaning and magic back to the words, “And they lived happily ever after.”

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